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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photo of the Day - Tear Down That Nameplate

Ms. Speaker, tear down that nameplate:

Here is an image of the doorway in happier (for Pelosi) days.

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  1. Did she take her novelty over sized gavel with her?

  2. I'm glad Pelosi won't be Speaker. Now she can get to the business of taking care of the deficit. You know, the 'pay as you go' mantra...


  3. @pasadenaphil - there will be a concerted effort by the MSM to paint new Republican members as same old, same old. Don't fall for it so early on. It's part of the strategy to demoralize.

  4. I don't know professor. There is no question that the MSM is on the case but...


    I have seen and heard nothing but tough talk followed by equivocation soon after. Have you been following Dan Issa and his daily over-the-top-statements followed soon after by "corrections" and "clarifications"?

    I am not cutting these guys any slack. They should think before they speak and act according to what they say. They were cut out of any positions by the leadership and none of them complained. We don't have a year to wait for these guys to find their legs. If they are just there to climb the ladder by going along, we are going to have to pull the plug on them before we get sucked into another dead-end narrative.

    The most interesting news today is that Michelle Bachmann is thinking about running for president. If she were to introduce a narrative that leaves open a 3rd party run based on how the GOP establishment changed the game by conspiring against the Tea Party candidates (Murkowky e.g.), that would give us an exciting narrative with transaction.

    Of course, if she is just going to be Bachmann who summoned the Tea Party to the capitol steps only to be delivered to Boehner and Cantor, that baby needs to be killed in the crib.

  5. Another thing to keep in mind. Yesterday on Hannity, the newbies were herded together and confronted with the very issue we are discussing and each one of them stressed that they are not career politicians and are there to re-establish the voice of the people in Congress even if it means confronting party leadership. If you read that article, there are poignant quotes that "it takes money to run campaigns". In other words, they ARE career politicians?

    We shouldn't have to be asking these questions so early. They need to get their act together.

  6. The gavel was taken from Pelosi. Now that's some progress we can all get behind. Its the first day of the new congress. I for one will not subscribe to the defeatist talking-headery of some in the media. Pass out the rope, and see what they do with it.

  7. At patterico, i post another happy picture. on his first day in civilian life, Ahnold gets a parking ticket.


  8. good she is gone as Speaker, but the crazy old bat has still been allowed to hang around and cause trouble.