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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Liberal Taxes Explained

From the producer of Feminism Explained and Meet the Liberal Elite. Thanks again to reader Robin for the link.

Once again, liberal consciences were put to the test.

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  1. Just so you know, lefties, they're now taking credit cards. Operators (or at least a website) are standing by!


  2. "A good government is one that trickles on us all."


  3. Mr. Jacobson, I notice that a blogger glitch is listing my blog as linking to this and other articles. I did not create this link; I do read your blog and have it in my blog roll, and it is some kind of blogger glitch that causes this.

    I have noted on several occasions that other bloggers appear to be linking to my articles, only their links have no discussion whatever of the linked posts. I suspected that this was some shady way of getting increased traffic to their sites, but now I know the other bloggers did not create these false links: the blogger software did.

    I just wanted to make you aware of this strange anomaly and to let you know that I am not behind it.

  4. Hilarious, good comedy always has a ring of truth...