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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hil Unhinged

In the list of egregious statements made about the Arizona shooting, many media personalities have been embarrassingly (or should be embarrassed, anyway) wrong about the nature of the shooter as details have been uncovered. While I don't really care much about their opinions, aside from the coverage they get, I rest at night knowing that Keith Olbermann doesn't really "make decisions" with my tax dollars. What warrants a chill down my spine, though, is the commentary by Hillary Rotten Clinton:

Hillary Clinton started her week on a shameful note, terming crazed Ari zona shooter Jared Loughner an American "extremist" of a sort with the 9/11 hijackers.

She went back for a second helping yesterday in a chat with CNN: "When you cross the line from expressing opinions . . . [to] violent action, that is a hallmark of extremism -- whether it comes from the right, the left, from al Qaeda, from anarchists, whoever it is."

What she means: A maniac with a gun is no different from the 9/11 terrorists. A lone nut is the same as a global network inspired by religious nihilism.

Uh, is this the same person who is supposed to be in charge of our foreign policy? I certainly hope she knows that the distinction between mental illness and political extremism is intelligible and applicable in this instance. (At least it's clearer than episodes of perjury in most of her political career.)
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  1. "I rest at night knowing that Keith Olbermann doesn't really "make decisions" with my tax dollars."

    I am questioning this statement because of the revelation that the Obama Fed secretly made loans with our tax dollars to NBC and GE, the parents of MSNBC. Might that money be keeping MSNBC alive despite their horrendous ratings?

  2. She's doing a heck of a job in Lebanon..

    Lebanon in crisis as Hezbollah forces collapse of government


    "Lebanon was plunged deeper into political turmoil Wednesday with the collapse of Prime Minister Saad Hariri's national unity Cabinet after 10 ministers from the March 8 coalition and a minister loyal to President Michel Sleiman resigned over the U.N.-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon."


    "Mizrahi predicted that Hizbullah would in effect extort its rivals in Lebanon and outside of it, by refraining from violence in exchange for an improvement in its political and strategic position in the country.

    “At the end, there will be some kind of solution that will bring some kind of peace in Lebanon. But it will not fundamentally change the strategic situation, in which Lebanon will be on the brink of civil war, because... in my point of view... Hizbullah’s interest is to really be the dominating [side] in Lebanon,” Mizrahi said.

    “Hizbullah will get something at the end,” he added.

    “All parties will do their best to avoid civil war, and I think they will succeed in avoiding it by paying a certain price to Hizbullah.

    “Which price, I don’t know, but it will not change the fundamental [situation of being on the] brink of another showdown in three, four or six months,” Mizrahi said.

    “More and more, Hizbullah is the owner and real ruler of Lebanon. As one journalist said, this is an organization which has a state,” Mizrahi added.


  3. 1. I've been more or less assuming that Hillary would have been a lesser evil than Barack. Don't be too sure, Kathleen implies. Point taken.

    2. Hillary Rotten Clinton.

    There are blogs that call the opposition Demonrats (or Rethuglicans) and go downhill from there. They may get plenty of page views with that kind of stuff, but I tune them out.

    Just one reader's opinion.

  4. @Van Halen, I meant he doesn't actually distribute money to schools, social security, the military, etc. etc.

  5. @gs, point taken. I have a particularly intense distaste for the Clinton family, though.

  6. I remember Hillary's fluffy pink sweater morning interview with Couric in which she decried hater extremists (Republicans) and talk radio for smearing her innocent hubby with vicious damnable lies re Bill's alleged sexual cheating with a young intern at the WH.

    They were her vicious damnable lies, as it turned out.

    Demonizing opponents by projecting their own corruption is essential Clintonian/New Democratic strategy. While it's tiresome and bankrupt, the same old play is immediately recognizable. If Hil or Bill condemns someone for something, immediately check their pockets and up their sleeves.

    (Bill might like that pocket check, tho'. Just saying.)

  7. There are only two ways to judge Hillary's public remarks regarding the Lewinsky scandal: 1. She was disingenuous about her belief in her husband's innocence, or 2. She was very naive, in which case, too innocent or gullible to be in charge of the state department. Neither option paints a very flattering background as a person with the ability to be astute and precise in sizing up world leaders with huge egos and character flaws to match.