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Sunday, January 2, 2011

France, en gros

I was in the grocery store in Paris two days ago when I spotted this package for gummy bears:

For those of you who don't speak French, it says:
Candy's good, but don't eat the whole pack. Share it with your friends! By the way, can you help me redistribute them so that all my friends get the same amount each; except my girlfriend, with the glasses, who only wants one.
There is a government program to avoid childhood obesity in France, which makes sense when one considers the vested interest the taxpayer has in everyone's health... The package is a cute exercise in the collectivist ideology that has permeated Western European culture. Perhaps an appropriate microcosm of my critique of the continent as a whole.

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  1. So they advocate second-hand obesity? Except for copines who wear glasses? Are they also distributing "No fat chicks!" tee shirts?

  2. It is also a cute message about sharing and I actually think that it is more subtle than the Moo treatment or the San Francisco and New York rules that try to control diet.