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Monday, November 1, 2010

Please Give Me The Chance To Say "I Told You So"

April 29, 2009, shortly after Arlen Specter announced he was switching parties giving Democrats 60 seats in the Senate (pending the seating of Al Franken), when all appeared lost, I wrote:
What history shows us is that a liberal, blame-America-first Democratic President, urged on by a liberal, blame-America-first Democratic Congress, is a prescription for political self-destruction. Leave Democrats to their own devices, and they will screw themselves politically, just when they are at the height of power....
So I'm not depressed about the long-term future of the country, although the next few years will be tough politically. The Democrats will screw up big time, as they did during the Carter years, and the damage they cause will be generational. But the clean-up is worth looking forward to, even if the mess is not.
Read the comments to that post.  It's like opening a time capsule.
Man, I hope you are right.
Every day, I feel like crying when I think about the damage being done to our country right now. I wonder every day what America will look like when my children are adults.
It scares me. What scares me even more is the fact that there are quite a few Americans who don't get it or don't care.
Vote tomorrow, and get out the vote.  Because I can't really say "I told you so," unless the American people tell us so tomorrow.

And then we can begin the clean-up.

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  1. Voting isn't enough.

    Be a poll-watcher.

    Don't let Democrats steal elections right in front of us as they've done so many times before -- DEMAND investigations into wrongdoing.

  2. Professor, thought your readers might enjoy this piece by Hillary dems aka Reagan dems aka now-new-independents. It is a wonderful piece and captures the civil war within the undemocratic party.
    (I am one of those loyal lifelong dems who now identifies himself as a Constitutional Conservative Independent (libeterian/centerist on social issues), and I do not ever see myself voting for another demonRat again.)


    "Like Russian peasants against an exterminating horde we will scorch the earth and burn our own homes in this fight. We will never surrender. We have never been beaten. We have never agreed to an armistice. We will beat you on November 2, 2010. We will beat Obama on election day 2012. We will never ever forget Obama treachery in 2008. We will never accept the new order.

    We will never accept the Obama Dimocratic Party. Never. "

  3. Leave Democrats to their own devices, and they will screw themselves politically, just when they are at the height of power....

    As opposed to the Republicans:

    Leave Republicans to their own devices, and they will screw themselves politically, just when they are at the height of power....

  4. M. Simon,

    Based on past experience, you're absolutely right. This is likely the Republicans' last -- truly last -- chance to demonstrate that they can govern according to the tossed-aside principles of their party: small government, low taxes and spending. Their challenge is all the greater now because of their disastrous performance under Bush 43 and the calamitous Democrat takeover that naturally resulted in '06 and '08. If the R's screw the pooch again, look for third-party challenges in 2012 like we've never seen before, with outcomes no one can predict.

    One thing is clear: Katie Couric's "great unwashed" are going to be heard, not only tomorrow but for years to come. Let's hope the entire country isn't sold for a few yen to the Chinese before we the people can turn things around.

  5. You can expect the Republicans to be on their "best behavior" for the next two years, at least. They don't want the Tea Party to become an actual third party and run a candidate in the 2012 presidential race.