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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet The New Face Of The Democratic Party


Update 11-04-2010:  The Gail Collins gets the point:
O.K., you poor little Democrats. Stop sobbing. Lift up your little liberal heads and shout. There’s gonna be. ...


Harry Reid! There’s gonna be more Harry Reid!
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  1. Hey, sorry i couldn't help out last night. I sent you an email explaining that in addition to the ISP problems, work intruded.

    It looks like it was a success. congrats.

    Aaron Worthing

  2. Seems to me the party needs a face lift.

  3. OK, I get it.   Nothing's changed with the Dems.
    And the Republicans?   Will the Republican leadership change?   Will the Republicans finally get serious and start to act responsibly, fiscally and otherwise, as conservatives demand?
    If history is to be our guide, the answer is again 'most likely no'.   The problem as always is that the political mantra is to 'go along to get along', 'you scratch my back I'll scratch yours, etc., in Washington, DC, and elsewhere.   Each time after an election such as we have just witnessed, the system soon starts to grind down the incoming fresh face and we wind up with the same old excuses for why ever solution to any issue is to spend, Spend, SPEND!   (Buying votes gets one re-elected don't you know?)   In the unlikely case that the new comer is able to prevail on a fiscally conservative track, than the unelected Federal/State bureaucracy(s) is more than willing to take up the slack to lobby against or outright block administratively by any means possible any attempts at fiscal constraint and thus continues the roadblock to fiscal sanity.
    The Country's only hope now is continued active participation and pressure from fiscally conservative types like many of those involved with The Tea Party.   The return of our Country to strong Fiscal Conservatism is the key.   Forget all the other trappings usually associated with 'conservative causes'!   Fiscal responsibility is what we must demand from our representatives in government.   It will be painful, but _if_ strong fiscally conservative policies can be established and maintained soon, many of the other issues that are of great concern to conservatives will evaporate and become non-issues over time and our Country will prevail in it's greatness.
    Will fiscal sanity erupt?   Sorry, but I for one am not optimistic.   I hope I am wrong.


    Jeebus, Professor, warn us before you do that! ;)

  5. And here's The New Face of the Republican Party!!!

    Think about this, guys. Harry Reid dared to say that no Latino worth his salt could be a Republican!

    And yet, a Latino defeated his son!!!


  6. I hope He picks right up where he left off. He has been an immeasurable help with the cause. Nancy can't be happy to see him left unscaythed. While she is shown back to her seat.

    We have here a woman scorned, watch out Barry and Harry.

  7. Y'all have to admit, tho'... he's better looking than Pelosi.

  8. I will give you that, Dudge. That still doesn't say much for Dingy, though.

  9. This is just too funny for words!

    Hi Harry! you ole bag of bones!