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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Worst Snowfall "Since The Great Depression"

Why is Obama calling the 2-3 foot snowfall in Washington, D.C. "Snowmaggeden"?

In keeping with one of Obama's favorite lines repeated in his speeches, Obama should be saying:
"This is the worst snowfall since the Great Depression."
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  1. actually, I believe he inhereted this snowstorm

  2. Let's put the blame squarely where it belongs - GEORGE W. BUSH. It was BUSH, who lives in Texas (a snow-free state for the most part) who didn't heat up the environment enough and brought about a global cooling crisis...

    If it wasn't for Bush's incompetence in office, the snowfall in Washington DC wouldn't have exceeded six inches.


    Obama: "To fix this inherited snowfall, I ask Congress to pass universal snow blower coverage for all Americans. It must be passed now, before it's too late!"

  4. I have yet another read on the Obama snowstorm. Based on his campaign, I think HE should go down for all time for having pulled off the greatest snow job since the Great Depression but then I'm a child of the 60s when this phrase was well understood. LOL

  5. I remember when President Nixon used to turn up the air conditioning in the Oval Office in summer - a natural thing to do. But he turned it up sufficiently high so that he could have a fire in the fireplace - an unnatural thing to do.

    At least He and Baby Bush handled China better than Barack.

  6. Surprised that Obama didn't blame the snowfall or the fact that Wash DC having 25 percent of its plows out of commission on ex Pres Bush.