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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Offense to the Clueless

This exchange between Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark) and Barack Obama reflects just how clueless Obama is about the mood in this country and the damage his ideological intransigence is doing to his own party. As reported by The Hill:

She also took a swipe at Obama's White House, referencing a constituent who "fears that there's no one in your administration that understands what it means to go to work on Monday and make a payroll on Friday." ....

Obama responded by defending steps his administration has taken to right the economy and said "Moving forward, Blanche, what you're going to hear from some folks...[is that] the only way to provide stability is to go back and do what we did before the crisis."

The president reiterated that he would not return to past policies.

"If the price of certainty is for us to adopt the exact same proposals that were in place for eight years leading up to the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression...the result is going to be the same."

But Obama conceded that "Blanche is right that we sometimes get bogged down in ideology."

Getting stuck in ideology while warning of the risk of getting stuck in ideology, and failing to recognize the irony. Oh, brother.

And this:
If we don't pass this, he told the assembled Democrats, "I don't know what differentiates us from the other guys."
Continuing to push a wildly unpopular health care bill, which directly led to Democratic defeats in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, all in an attempt to differentiate yourself? You are succeeding beyond your wildest expectations, Mr. President.

I mean no offense to the clueless.

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  1. Obama is not only clueless but obsessive. You can see it in his distant stare when you think he is looking into the camera. Everyone from Donna Brazille on CNN to the WH to Democrats in Congress are singing the same song: We will not go back to policies that got us here in the first place. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water. They have all hung their collective hats on this argument. Professor, what argument should we be developing in response or rather to get out ahead of them?

  2. The situation that has gotten us to this position is still the same and has been the same since the failed idea of "The great society" which happens to be ANOTHER SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT idea. Taking away from those who lead a productive life in this country and redistributing it to those who are a drag on society. I could name names, (or race for that matter) but the race card will fly if I do that..

  3. A deluded and pathologically inflexible man. Everything he sees is the opposite of what is, nothing is his fault, and his "solutions" are in fact the problem. There is no good end to this story.

  4. The policies that got the USA there in the first place were put in place during the Carter Administration. The amendment that was pushed through in the 1990s was the result of the lobbying by Obama. Who does he think he is fooling?

  5. Speaking as someone who works 80 hours a week and has to make payroll, I can attest to the cluelessness of the Won.

  6. I has gotten so bad I am teetering on the precipice of concluding that he is not simply incompetent but malfeasant.

  7. What an old and dumb remark by Obama! The Community Reinvestment Act is what caused this, plus a healthy dose of greed. The same kind of thing happened in Texas a decade or so ago. Texas learned its lesson and fared well in this latest crisis. All we need to do is learn from our mistakes and keep going. Obama thinks we're even too stupid to learn from our mistakes! It's like he thinks that if you have a car accident you should never drive a car again!