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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Way To Stop A Tell-All Book

One only can imagine what she knows.

The most disturbing part of it all is that Sarah Palin could have been Vice President.

Update: An Edwards spokeperson is denying the story. But of course, Edwards has denied everything all along, until almost the very end. So National Inquirer v. Edwards spokesperson, whom should we believe?

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  1. Not only that, her daughter KEPT a illegitimate baby. KEPT it. Where's the sense of responsibility? Why didn't she listen to Sully and just expose the lie!

    These people are nuts.

  2. John Edwards is more twisted than a slinky. Thank you for this wonderful blog.....just guessing, but your classes must be informative and fun.

  3. Dear President Jacobson,

    All I can say is "KEEP IT UP", to them. Obama is walking back on bonuses, YEA HAWWWW!!! Michelle O wants to declare 'OBESITY" as the National Threat, WOOHOOO! Let's just pray Iran doesn't make good on their threats tomorrow, but if they touch Israel in any way shape or form, this administration is crispy fried toast. Let's just pray the worst doesn't happen.

  4. Janelle, I hear that applications to Cornell Law School are up 50%. One supposes this blog is part of the reason.

  5. Speculation about the mere possibility of a comeback for Edwards is laughable, yet it's been bandied about lately and is, in fact, plausible considering liberal Democrats (the recently deceased Ted Kennedy and Charlie Wilson, for example) are permitted to get away with just about anything.