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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My New Project: Patrick Kennedy Must Go

As readers of this blog already know, I am cursed with two of the looniest Congressmen in existence, Patrick Kennedy in my home state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and Maurice Hinchey in Ithaca, NY, where I live during the academic year.

In the wake of the victory by Scott Brown, I wondered what my next project(s) would be at this blog, What Should I Do After The Election? Now I know:

Patrick Kennedy must go.
So must Hinchey, and others, but that is for other posts.

Patrick referred to Scott Brown's swearing-in as a "joke," which has sparked the inevitable "the joke is on Patrick" comments in light of a recent poll showing Patrick with high negatives and in a vulnerable position.

Most people, however, do not go much beyond Patrick's caricature in understanding his long history of arrogance, abuse of his family's power, and generally nasty demeanor towards opponents. Wikipedia actually has a pretty good catalog of Patrick's problems, some of which were related to his habitual addiction problems (I'll give him sympathy for that) but mostly related to his habitual arrogance and abuse of power problems (for which he gets no sympathy).

Patrick has come to symbolize the arrogance of power in which one can verbally abuse airport screeners, trash a boat, get into an argument with a female companion such that the police were called, and almost kill a Capitol policeman while driving under the influence, yet get away with no punishment either in the judicial system or at the polls.

Patrick has slipped past any form of electoral judgment because he has been good at bringing home federal dollars to his district, playing on the Kennedy name and legacy, raising money for his campaigns, and ignoring or demeaning his campaign rivals.

The demeaning comment directed by Patrick towards Scott Brown is reflective of Patrick's core instincts.

The days when Patrick can get away with his games and attitude are gone.

Patrick Kennedy is my new Martha Coakley, with the difference that Martha Coakley had some accomplishments in her life prior to running for the Senate, and generally was a nice person (although some of her campaign tactics were not so nice). Patrick Kennedy, by contrast, has accomplished almost nothing in his life, is an embarrassment, and is not a nice person.

I hope that the likely Republican nominee, John Loughlin, is up to the task. Removing Patrick from power will be a monumental task despite the current polling, and one should not underestimate Patrick's ability to raise campaign funds and to attack. I'm taking on this project not because there is a huge likelihood of success, but because success would be a huge victory for this country.

We cannot let the First Congressional District in Rhode Island turn into "the Kennedy seat." Not with this Kennedy.

Patrick Kennedy must go, and I'll do whatever is within the power of the pixels which inhabit this blog to make it so.

Update 2-12-2010: And so it comes to pass, Possible Reason Why Patrick Kennedy Not Seeking Reelection

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  1. Loyal foot soldier...reporting for duty!

  2. Great new project, but one correction. Was Duke rape case prosecutor Mike Nifong "nice" in your estimation? How could you call Coakley "nice" given her mother of all abusive prosecutors posture? Check out Dan Riehl at http://www.riehworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2010/01/the-details-coakley-amirault-woodward-and-souza.html.

  3. @mark - that is a fair point, that Coakley's public persona did not always match her actions. In Kennedy's case, public persona and actions match up very well, and neither is good.

  4. Kennedy's got to go. What a symbol that would be.

  5. Man the torpedoes. Even I will blog about it from this distant outpost on the shores of snowy Lake Ontario.

    It's not like he has a great pedigree - a grandfather who was a bootlegger; a father who left the scene of a crime.

    As I recall, there is lots of skulduggery in Rhode Island politics. This probably accounts for Patrick's success in the beginning. It was as brazen to set him up in Rhode Island as if it were a province of the Bay State as it was to set up his uncle Bobby in New York State.

    He is kind of a gutless wonder and that is no doubt why he has to rely on nasty, unprofessional remarks. An inspirational remark will never pass his lips.

    And then there are the touch as nails Kennedy women.....

    We'll support you Professor Jacobs. Carry on. You will be saving the magnificent history of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations.

    PS I hope Nancy P is buried under at least 18 inches of snow.

  6. Even if Loughlin can get within single digits of Kennedy, like Brown did to Coakley, it would raise serious eyebrows.

  7. Lots of parallels between Patrick and Teddy.  Like this: wearing sympathy neck braces after accidents.  Photo of Patrick Kennedy in a neck-brace here; photo of Teddy in a neck-brace after Chappaquiddick here.

  8. Actually Professor, you are required by your religious heritage to protect RI. For the benefit of some others, America's oldest synagogue, Truro (www.trurosynagogue.org)is at Newport and of course the nearby Jewish Cemetery at Newport has been immortalized in HW Longfellow's poem of that name (http://rpo.utoronto.ca/poem/1328.html).

    I discuss the import of having lost the America's Cup race in Newport because it takes a lot of wear and tear from hoards of visitors descending on that historic venue. I also give info on the start of Monday's cup race in Spain.

  9. Sounds good to me. I'll blog my two cents worth from the North Carolina mountains.

    We will not be safe until we do a massive house-cleaning in Washington. No matter what state we live in, we must take an interest in and work for reform in all the other states as well.

  10. Taking down the Kennedys that ruin the good name of JFK through their intentional sins will be a great thing for this country.

  11. I feel your pain. I also hail from RI and have the distinct displeasure of living in the district of a congressfool. In my case it's Barney Frank (I think I gotcha beat there!)

  12. Join the Brown Brigade to defeat Patrick Kennedy!


  13. Professor, considering that you live and work in New York now, I was really hoping that you would help us put Chuck Schumer and/or Kirsten Gillibrand on the chopping block. But I guess we'll have to go at it alone.

  14. Defeat Patrick Kennedy: Elect Bill Jacobson to Congress!

  15. "Make it so" indeed, Number One.
    Fire when ready.

  16. I am still smiling over the title of this blogpost lol

    Go for it, dear! and I'll heeelllppp.

  17. 100% behind you professor! "Congress Boy" has to go!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Doing my bit to help retire Kennedy will be a welcome warm-up to sending Hinchey to the private sector. I can't wait!

  19. @the Other Ken, try enduring the California diva tag-team of Boxer and Feinstein.

  20. I agree with Aucturian, we need to get Schumer and Gillibrand out of office. 2 senators have a lot more influence than 1 congressman.

    Schumer and Gillibrand have to go.

  21. RFK, Jr. also shows off his astonishing brilliance. How is it that the legacy of Camelot has gone to hell in a handbasket in a single generation?

  22. Professor,
    You are a gentleman and a scholar and a patriot! Wish there were more of you. Thank you for speaking up in an era of moral and intellectual degeneracy.

  23. I agree over Gillibrand. When I first heard about her, I liked what I read, but now.... she is in cahoots with Van Jones.... she has to go too.

    The same with Schumer... he has been a stand over man... no wonder he was unhappy about the striking down of s 441(b) in the McCain-Feingold legislation.... makes it harder for him to demand payments... if you know what I mean.

  24. If John Brien primaries Patrick, I'll be a Democrat that day. I'd vote for a bucket of steamers if it were on the ballot with Kennedy. The man is a gift that keeps on giving...embarrassment and humiliation.


  25. Greatest thread in history of the intertubes. Congrats, is there anything you can't do?
    Wow 3 days and 3 hours practically bibical!

  26. Dear Prof,
    You got your wish !! Good for you and all other residents of RI..



    But this could also mean that he is now setting his sights on MA Senate for 2012 - if the political climate is good enough for the Dems.

  27. Buy bye Patches, Ahnald is next, the no more Kennedy's in American politics. His cousins aren't all that bright either. Joe is working with Hugo Chavez as a PR man throught the deal "Citizens Oil" has with Citgo. Robert wrote an article last year saying NYC and DC would no longer see snow due to global warming. The apple not only doesn't fall far from the tree with this family, it actually strikes it's younger generation in the head. What else could cause the insane politics of these 3 stooges...?

  28. Dude...you swing a mighty electron hammer!

  29. Patty brought home the bucks because daddy did the bidding.

    Kinda hard to bring in the bucks when you have absolutely no clue about how to do it. Riding into office on coattails sucks when the Good Lord rips the binky out of your hands.

  30. I am cursed with two of the looniest Congressmen in existence...

    Hey don't feel bad professor. Ron Paul is my congressman.