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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where Are The Tapes of Mahmoud al-Mabhouth?

The Dubai police have released what purport to be tapes of an 11-person strong hit team which killed top Hamas arms coordinator and killer of two Israeli soldiers, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. The working assumption is that this was an Israeli operation.

The tapes coordinate closed circuit shots taken at multiple locations tracking multiple people. The identities of the people released by Dubai turn out to be phony.

al-Mabhouh reportedly was a key link in the shipment of Iranian arms to Gaza (which is a primary reason Israel has a blockade).

No one really knows if the tapes are completely valid; we have to rely on descriptions provided by the Dubai police for many of the conclusions reached (for example, that someone walking in a mall was part of the team).

It does seem strange that Israel, if it were behind this, would use the stolen identities of numerous Israelis. Not exactly a way to deflect attention from Israel, at least superficially.

But one thing is missing from the tapes released by Dubai.

Where are the tapes tracking all of al-Mabhouh's movements that day. All we see of him are short clips in the hotel.

If Dubai has such an elaborate closed circuit televion system in public spaces, and can track 11 people at multiple locations, presumably Dubai has more footage showing where al-Mabhouth went that day and with whom he met.

Somehow, I'm not sure we can believe our eyes just yet.

Update: Another interesting aspect is how the Dubai police gathered and pieced together all the footage from multiple locations so quickly, including identifying people who are fuzzy on the tape released. Either the Dubai police are incredibly efficient, or they knew what they were looking for.

And, to top it off, according to the Dubai police tape english text, the door to the room was latched and chained, from the inside of the room when the body was found. Howdaydoodat?

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  1. I already know everything I need to know. Terrorist. Dead. Case closed.

  2. My questions and thoughts exactly. Thanks Professor.

  3. Totally agree pasadenaphil. I am satisfied to know that this leader is dead. What's the point of digging up more information if most people if not all want these terrorists dead.

  4. Chained from the inside?

    When Abu Nidal became a liability for Saddam, Abu Nidal somehow committed suicide with multiple gunshot wounds to the head.


  5. And what is the possibility that the assassins were from Iran?

    This would be a second hit where Iran has tried to make out like it was the Mossad who did the hit. They did the same thing with the scientist who just happened to be a dissident - read here Mousavi follower who had signed a petition. They made it look like Mossad did the hit because he was a nuclear physicist. However.... I never believed that story... and I do not believe the Dubai police.

  6. Let's hypothetically assume is *was* the Mossad: So what? Espionage and clandestine operations is said to be the second oldest trade of humanity. Everybody does it. And it's not like al-Mabhouth was an unreasonable target, being a terrorost and enemy of Israel. Why don't we see this kind of uproar anytime someone else makes use of their secret service?