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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Government Control Even In Death

Britain's health care system in many ways is our canary in the coal mine warning us about the dangers of Obamacare.

What can and does go wrong in Britain is widely documented almost daily in the British press. From these reports, we learn the danger of centralized government control over the health care system in determining how people live.

But the logical end of control over how one lives, is control over how one dies. And in Britain, that is going awry as well.

The government has taken control over the decision as to where a patient can die, with the result that large numbers of patients who wish to die at home cannot do so because of government regulations:

A lack of 24-hour nursing cover and poor planning by doctors is threatening government plans to give the terminally ill a right to die at home, campaigners

More than a third of family doctors are not reviewing the needs and wishes of dying patients, while round-the-clock nursing care is not available to give patients support and pain relief at weekends and at night in many areas.

The shortfalls mean that thousands of patients suffering from conditions such as cancer are taken into hospital or hospices to die when they would rather stay at home, according to the charity Macmillan Cancer Support.

Another unintended consequence of a system in which central planners think they know better than individuals as to matters of life and death.

That's the funny thing with freedom to make your own health care decisions. Once you give it up, you have given it up.

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1 comment:

  1. Government does not care. It cannot. Obama and his friends cannot personally care about 300 million people, contrary to the heart wretching letters they recited on tv the other day. Those who allowed their letters to be used to propagandize their fellow citizens are fellow travelers dragging the rest of us down the road to ruin.

    200 more created government board, thousands of overseers cannot care for millions. They can control and exercise power over, but cannot care.