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Monday, February 15, 2010

Daddy, When You Were A Kid Were There Really Moderate Democrats?

Yes, honey, there were.

What happened?

That's a good question.

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  1. Simple. Democrats suffer a weakness in desiring to forgive madness. It is the only home communists can find that would welcome them. The Democrats, for votes and influence, traded their power and control to progressives and communists. Now the inmates are running the asylum.

    Sadly, they live here and there is no new country to flee to as Reagan pointed out. I suggest we look into exiling them to a South American Country.

  2. Yes. There were. But they all bailed in 2010.

    Here's number 6:


  3. What happened? Forgive me, professor, as I know you teach at a university...but this "new breed" of Democrats were fed and bred in the psychadelic 60's, with heavy Marxist teachings at most universities. This generation is the first that went en masse to college and university. The university educational system is what happened.

    Add to that the Great Depression-surviving, post-WWII parents who wanted to "make their children's lives better", giving them everything, over-indulging them, providing a spoiled-rotten affluence to these hippies and rebels who latched onto radicalism with a vengeance.

    Saul Alsinsky recognized this and wrote his book "Rules for Radicals" to harness that rebellion against "the establishment pigs" and direct it toward a radical revolution. Hillary Clinton wrote her Wellesley thesis on Alinsky's book, praising it. She is just one example.

    That you are NOT of that leftist ilk is a fabulous breath of fresh air, and one of the many reasons I read your blog every day. I am so thankful for your clear, logical, and RIGHT perspective! You are a treasure to the blogosphere.

  4. The Chicago (D) Convention AND its RULES is what happened.

  5. I often wonder if Scoop weeps in Heaven over what has become of the Democrat Party. It's bears no resemblance and not a fraction of the decency that Scoop embodied. Watching the party I voted for until this last election descend into a sexist, race baiting, reality distorting collective of control freaks has been like a very bad dream. The Democrat Party is dead on the inside and does not know it.

  6. What happened? A primary election system that encourages and enables the fringe base of the party to control who is nominated to public office. The result? Purist ideological lunatics (from both sides, but esp. from the Left) who purge centrists and lament big tent pragmatism. It's great for raising money and getting people to help campaign, but makes for ineffective and incompetent governing.