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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey Evan, Turns Out The Base Wasn't That Into You

The Internet hasn't had this much fun since Arlen Specter jumped off the Republican ship onto the sinking Democratic ship last April.

Now we get to watch the leading lights of the Democratic base attack Evan Bayh on his way out.  I guess they just weren't that into him:

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  1. Guess they didn't like that Bayh took them to task. They really are a thankless lot aren't they.

  2. Confirmation that "Retire)%" was correct in the previous thread:

    "I believe Even Bayh to be a true liberal, not a 20th century Progressive that seems to have taken over the Democratic Party.

    Could it be that Bayh was driven out of his own party due to his disgust for them?"

    Yes. Byah is being driven from the Obamacrat party. But... here's the catch.... they won't be able to replace him with an Obamacrat. So the seat will go Red.

    In other words... the Dem party has screwed themselves.

  3. Heh, I love Yglesias's 'the only good moderate Dem is a dead moderate Dem, until he's dead' attitude of desperation.

  4. I never had any idea that there were this many lunatics in my soon to be former party.

    There is no more room for moderates or conservatives in the dem. party. I suspect many democrats like me will have to now register as Independents.

    I guess Obama's wish is comning true. He wrote a DU post in around 2006 that all moderates and conservatives have to be driven out the dem. party.

  5. Attacks?

    Those quotes are some of the nicest things that angry, hateful, vile crew has ever written.

  6. Is this something new? Since when did Democrats have morals?

    Did I miss the announcement?

  7. Is Glenn Greenwald going to be dropping by protesting that you quoted his headline out of context?

  8. Well, one of sock puppets prob'ly will be, at any rate. :-)