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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Assault on Mitt Romney Was Funny?

At least a writer at New York Magazine thinks it was. The incident, in which Mitt Romney and his wife were confronted (and had a punch thrown at them) on an airplane, took place after Romney asked a passenger in front of him to raise his seat back during takeoff.

Apparently, the passenger confronting Romney was really funny:
We're still curious, though, about the vague description of what transpired. What do "physically violent" and "physical contact" really mean? Was it punching, pushing, grabbing, etc.? Or perhaps it was simply too horrible to repeat: hair tousling.
What wit it takes to write for New York Magazine these days.

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  1. Are we talking "Ray J. funny" or "OJ funny"?

  2. Actually is is funny in one of those twisted sort of ways. Mitt Romney is pretty well known, and a person would have to be pretty stupid to pick a fight with the guy on an airplane.

    It would be like watching some tough dude in a bar picking a fight with a well known fighter, you know how it is going to end, but it is funny in a sick sense of the word.

  3. The only funny part is Romney riding in the couch class (or so I heard). What is he trying to prove, that he is one of us?

    Well, if you want to sit in the cheap seats, you are going to find gum stuck on the seat on occasion.

  4. Archer52....and if he was sitting in First Class you'd call him out for being elitist.

    One of the best ways to get to be a millionaire is to spend below your means (see The Millionaire Next Door) and not buy fancy cars, expensive clothes or unnecessarily fly first class.

  5. "hair tousling".... maybe the original author was confused, and thought it was John "Silky Pony" Edwards that was on the plane?