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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Connecting The Corrupt Dots

The Gail Collins has a column today in which she reviews the sordid history of corruption in New York and Illinois (with shout outs to some other states), and concludes that Illinois wins the most-corrupt state race.

But TGC forgot to connect the dots: Everyone mentioned in her column was a Democrat in a state controlled by Democrats.

This fact doesn't prove that only Democrats are corrupt (Republicans have had their issues).

But the public perception of what happens when Democrats control everything has national implications, and might have been worth noting from under the bed.

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  1. It sounds like another round of "name that party" that this fundamental information was omitted.

  2. How apt to include a link between Gail Collins and Obama point man David Brooks. Why is David Brooks in... uh... under bed with TGC?

    Brooks seems very disappointed that Democrats are giving up on his fellow Illinois president and apparently is assuming the role of Obama pitchman as the last man standing.

  3. Er... my prior comment was worded clumsily. It should have read:

    "How apt to include a link featuring a discussion between Gail Collins and Obama point man David Brooks. Why is David Brooks in... uh... under the bed with TGC?"

    The rest was fine.

  4. Yet another instance on the federal level:

  5. Hmm ... how did she leave out NJ? 43 indicted Democrats just last year. In town after town, you can recount decades of mayor after mayor indicted. And while we occasionally have had a Republican governor (and very good ones - Whitman and Kean), the local level is heavily Democratic, and the corruption as bad as the others.

    BTW, the 43 indictments were the easy ones, the ones too stupid to say "no" to wads of cash flashed in front of them. Most corruption is far more sophisticated quid pro quo than that. Kind of like when you have an infestation in the house - if you actually flush out one rat, you know there 25 more behind the walls.

    Christie will have his hands full clearing this place out.

  6. >>It sounds like another round of "name that party"

    Not just another round... a lightning round.

    Though, to be fair, she does mention that two of those she names are Democrats. She'll probably lose her job at the DNC newsletter for that heresy.