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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sad Thing About It

is that this headline would not be surprising if it were at any of a number of left-wing blogs which do everything they can to smear Tea Party attendees and anyone else who opposes Obamacare and the massive expansion of government:

Photo Emerges Of Murderous Killer Whale At Tea Party Rally

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  1. I think it's funny and ironic. We all know if the whale was intending on "biting the hand that fed him" (as the caption under the photo indicates), said whale would NOT be a tea partier because tea partiers aren't fed by the massive government...it's actually the other way around. The whale IS the government and those of us who are force to throw an ever increasing amount of our fish in it's mouth are the tea partiers.

    Just goes to show how little these people actually understand about the movement.

  2. I like the site's sub-title:

    "News So Fake You'd Think It Came From The Main Stream Media." Heh.

  3. Moments before it happened, the killer whale was seen conversing with Andrew Breitbart and listening to Rush Limbaugh...

  4. No matter which way you take it, it's tasteless.