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Friday, February 26, 2010

Health Care In Spinsville

Just another day in Spinsville, where the White House attempts to sell a plan which will deprive individuals of control over their health care in favor of federal mandates and regulations, as a plan which will put individuals in charge of their own health care:

It will not work. The 2008 election may be over, but elections are not, a concept apparently lost on the President. This clip, which has been played relentlessly on television and on the web, did enormous damage to Obama. John McCain was respectful and making valids point about broken campaign promises by Obama and how some states should not be favored over others, when Obama shut McCain down with the quip that the "election is over":

Keep playing this clip if you want to understand why we do not have any health care reforms. It is because the President is looking backward at the last election, and once again misreading the meaning of the results.

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  1. Obviously this Constitutional lecturer did not learn much about the Constitution. The Presidence is a co-equal branch of the government, and just as McCain represents his district in the Senate, Obama is simply a [temporary] representative of the Office of President, and in many respects, that makes them co-equals.

    But Obama doesn't see it that way. He thinks that because he defeated McCain, he has a mandate to be insulting to a man many years his senior and who suffered much in the name of our nation. So while Obama strokes his chin, John McCain cannot even tie his own shoes due to injuries he suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese.

    Has such arrogance ever been on display from a sitting president? Well, maybe FDR. But certainly not in recent history.

    2012 cannot come soon enough. But much of the damage will be done by then.

  2. He believes it was the last election we need, I guess. More evidence of how his mind acutally works more like a precocious child than a mature adult.

    I've wondered about liberals who use children to make their cases. I theorize they like to put children in front of cameras because liberals tend to think like children (only children are cuter).

    Didn't Jimmy Carter ask for Amy's input in running the country also?

  3. I'm not shocked of this quip coming from the Potentate-in-Chief. Imagine if this same group--or President for that matter--channeled this much energy on fixing the economy first.

  4. ObamaCare – The Mountain Pelosi Must Climb. The Bill Is Dead: http://tinyurl.com/ybm9avp

  5. Indeed. The spin doctors have been busy at the White House overnight, it seems. The MSM is doing their best to make this look like a Democrat victory, too.

    That clip is priceless. I understand that Obama's looks were hostile most of the meeting. Rush Limbaugh characterized it as, "He looks like Boris Karloff!"

    To say some of the petty things he said shows his thin-skinned weakness - his ego. It is good that this gets replayed endlessly. Maybe then more people will see what - and why - we need to stand up against the current administration's policies.

  6. Oh - by the way - is it possible to show Sen. McCain's preceding comment in full? He was very composed, eloquent, and right on target - not at all trying to pull "talking points" and relive "the election" this is so obviously over. I saw it in full on Sen. McCain's web page. Very relevant to the discussion. Thanks!

  7. ObamaCare – The Mountain Pelosi Must Climb. The Bill Is Dead: http://tinyurl.com/ybm9avp

  8. What is the big deal? Was anything Pres. Obama said untrue? Was Sen. McCain saying anything meaningful? The election is over. Pres. Obama won in a landslide. I like Mr. McCain and could have voted for him if he had no gone crazy late in the campaign (and picking a VP who could not name a single US Supreme Court decision did not help)

    As far as the HC debate, again, where is the government takeover? And if so, so what. Anything is better than what we have now. Hawaii mandates employer coverage of health insurance and they has the lowest premiums in the country. Maybe we should try something different. Government insurance also covers federal workers and VA, both who receive top of the line coverage.

  9. One of the main reasons they don't use reconciliation I would think, would be because it could be easily undone. Seems to me the Republicans should be saying, go ahead, we are going to undo anything you do January 2011.

    TL Roberson Midland, TX. For a good laugh, go to: www.fatlard.com

  10. I agree there needs to be reform, but not this government take over that was almost and seems still might be shoved down our throats. I own a small business in Texas. Effective May 1 our group policy with Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas will go up 26%. That makes it almost to the point that we will no longer provide health insurance for our employees. Average for employee and family will be about $1200/month. I am not rich. Embarrassing enough, I made only $32,000 last year, 1/3 and 1/4 of what I had made in previous years. My employees made more than I did last year. But health insurance is a priority, so I have to give up other things to have it. I get tired of hearing about people that don't have it, go to work for a company that provides it, or buy it yourself. This is silly. It is not an entitlement, it is something you work for to get. You either make yourself an attractive candidate for companies that provide health care insurance, then make them a good employee, or you go buy it yourself. It is no different than thinking you are entitled to have a big home or a new car. You work for it.

    I continue to hear this debate called Health Care. The debate is really Health Care INSURANCE. Two different things. No one is turned away from hospitals dying. They are cared for.

    Our elected officials should turn their energy towards rooting out the corruption and fraud in the entitlements already given. Neither me or my wife have ever received food stamps or unemployment money, not one cent. I have to tell you, my wife and I go to the grocery store and we buy off-brand items and try to make ends meet, then we see people there buying name brand items and paying for them with food stamps. We hear of friends of friends, 26 year old able bodied people getting Social Security benefits because of some bogus ailment they have. Everything seems upside down and I have to tell you, the silent majority is getting fed up with this.

  11. That is a reaction by someone who watched the proceedings much more carefully than 99% of Americans. That clip worked for Obama because it effectively makes McCain look like a petulant vengeful loser who can't get over losing in 2008 and wants to remind voters that they elected the wrong guy.

    While the rest of the Republicans were citing specific pages and numbers with attribution, McCain fell into the Obama trap of making political arguments. Obama was ready. He was wrong but for most of America, it didn't look that way because they only saw the clip and in it, they saw the McCain that no one likes. And in the end, McCain was the only Republican who agreed with Obama's position that both parties are really close to agreement. Echoes of "Gangs of McCain".

    IMHO, it was a low moment in a day that was bursting with terrific Republican moments including Boehner, Ryan and Coburn. It's time for McCain to go. He is a serious liability.

  12. The President is exhibiting a degree of overconfidence in his own communication skill that leads him to take self-defeating risks. No president has hosted an event of this type before, for reasons that are now clear: it did nothing to advance his interests, but it diminished his prospects for success in a number of ways.


    Are you an eeyore? A troll? Read Prof. Jacobson's numerous blog entries on the healthcare issue, and the Democrat's power-hungry ways. Maybe then you'll understand why it IS a big deal.

    By the way - you just proved my earlier point that hearing Sen. McCain's full comments puts the snarky Obama comment into proper perspective. Sen. McCain was spot-on; he was doing exactly the right thing making his points, but Obama tried to take the "attack the messenger" approach to arguing, avoiding the VERY RELEVANT points McCain made.

    Later, in the second half of the summit, Obama acknowledged, after McCain re-raised the issue, that the senator "had a valid point." Obama's advisers must have gone into damage-control mode between the break.

    Get a clue. Get educated with facts. Or go away.

  14. BuckJohnson: Are you kidding? Obama's been in "campaign mode" his entire Presidency. If you don't see the danger and/or incompetence of a government takeover of ANYTHING then I don't know if you can be persuaded with common sense, historical examples, or logic. Landslide? No, Reagan and Nixon won in landslides, not Obama. I'm glad you identified yourself as one of the couple voters that was REALLY going to vote for McCain but changed their mind when he picked Palin because it's been pretty much the other way around according to people that actually tell the truth. My suggestion to you is to travel to the 57th State of the Union, settle down in a non-existent congressional district that received millions of dollars and wait for the government to take care of you.

  15. Response to Buckjjohnson,
    First, Obama was rude to McCain in a manner that was unwarrented. McCain had made a number of points that were important and more in line with the general thoughts of all Americans (an unusual thing for McCain) and instead The One does a slap down. Why? Because he can't answer the question or continue with the thought process. He wants insurance which is government language for control of your life.

    Now, as to Federal workers and their insurance. I have worked a number of VA hospitals and have been called upon to review mistakes and problems from the care rendered. I can assure you that entering a VA hospital is taking your life in your hands and the environment is very hostile to anything that would come near inconveniencing a VA worker. Patient's lay in their own filth and are very poorly cared for. The doctors are definitely third rate. VA's carry the higer morbidity and mortality stats of any institution. As to other government insurance, it is so bad that many doctors and hospitals do not accept the junk. They review all procedures and will often refuse care for life saving measures.

    As to the Hawaiian premiums, premiums are figured on pools of patients, also called lives by the industry. Those pools are rated as to natural morbidity and mortality. Where I live in Louisiana the premiums are very high due to a greater amount of illness in the population, not how healthy I am or the number of uninsured.

    Now Obama is trying to get more under the Federal umbrella as healthier people don't use the system and allows more dollars to go to Medicare and Medicaid which do use an enormous amount and don't pay for the services they receive. That is why the cost of medicine has gone up. It is a hidden tax.

    I can assure you that if we socialize medicine, the cost will be so enormous that our economy will come apart. The quality of care will go down. Doctors will be far dumber than they are now and the level of empathy that is in our system will go to zero.

  16. BuckJohnson, perhaps you should listen to Senator McCain's statements about the health care industry in my home state of Texas.

    Obama declared that tort reform would have very little affect on driving down the cost of health care. That is a fallacy. So yes, you could say that Obama said something that was untrue.

    Now, let me give you an example of how tort reform helps reduce costs and improves health care:

    In Texas, last year we licensed over 6,000 new doctors that moved to the state.

    Medical malpractice insurance costs dropped by over 35%, reducing doctor's expenses and allowing savings to be passed on to the patient.

    Rural communities that never had a doctor, much less a hospital, now are seeing that change. Small towns now have access to OB/GYNs that can deliver babies at rural hosptials instead of patients having to drive 45-60 miles to a doctor and a hospital that will.

    Health care insurance premiums in the state of Texas have fallen by 10%, and in many cases by more, due to the availability of local health care.

    Now, let's talk about Hawaiis well-child care that was provided by the state. In case you haven't read the articles written about it, it is broke. And now the state can't afford to pay for services that parents signed up for.

    You say government insurance covers federal workers and the VA. Apples and oranges. Federal workers sign up for private plans, not government health care. As to the VA, perhaps I should point out the recent problems at Walter Reed, the flagship of VA health care.

    So OK, let's look at Medicare/Medicaid, the system the Democrats tout as being so wonderful. A recent government study revealed that M/M denied more claims than any other major health insurer in the nation. Almost 6.5% compared to United Health Cares 2.5%.

    Please, wake up and smell the coffee. This whole health care argument is not about reducing the actual cost of health care, it is about breaking the back of private health care insurers, just as the Democrats broke the back of private electricity providers in FDRs day and broke the back of the telecommications industry some years ago.

    If you love having to pay for electricty where the rates are determined by a politically appointed board of directors, and owned by the municipality where you live, and not being able to access competition, you are going to love what the Democrats are proposing for your health care.

  17. The biggest comment he made that reveals who he is was his last statement about elections. This is what I sent out before.

    I was blogging a little with the meeting but had to quit and get back to my real world. I saw the first half and the phenomenally arrogant closing statement basically saying he was going to do what he was going to do and that why there were elections. ( Email intercepted from the Democratic side of Congress. "Dear President Obama, We have one thing to say- Hey a-hole, not everybody in Washington wants this to be their LAST election!)

    His statement actually revealed who he thinks he is. I've said this a bunch of times and more people are starting to agree. The hardest part of being inside a revolution is perspective. You cannot get far enough away quick enough to see the whole picture. Obama knows this. This is why he is moving at the speed he is. He cannot take the chance on waiting any longer because people are beginning to grasp the immensity of his agenda. Unlike South Americans, Central Americans (except Honduras), Europeans, Russians and the Chinese, we Americans do not take to dictatorships well. We are driven by our innate desire to be free. Obama is no fool. He hopes to lull us to sleep just a little longer before he springs the trap.

    His performance at the summit, outside his flashes of arrogance and dismissal, was not that bad. He managed to thwart what he perceived were his biggest threats; Ryan and Cantor. He did it by using a lawyer trick about talking over the opposition thus seizing the time and limiting the other man's ability to score points. He also used a technique where he said, "I can't believe how much the Republicans and the Democrats have in common." This is a setup for the final push. You see they want to convince you that you want the bill, but don't know it, and the Republicans actually agree, but didn't realize it. That way when they pass it, they can defend their position.

    Crazy times.

  18. That headline on the WH website is such a lie. Do people really believe that stuff? Scary if they do.

  19. That headline makes me want to puke. They are going to FORCE me to buy insurance, whether I need it or want it. And if that isn't enough, they're going to define what coverage is acceptable and FORCE me to buy it. And if I can't afford it, they're going to confiscate the money from the productive, successful members of society to pay for my insurance. So how exactly am I in charge of my healthcare?

    I wish people would stop referring to the far left twits pushing this crap as progessives. They are socialists. At least Bernie Sanders is honest enough to wear the socialist label and doesn't hide behind progressive label.

  20. Sorry folks. I am a vet; although a peacetime one I have had care at VA hospitals and clinics. The staff is first rate. Please visit one before you are critical of them, as many severely injured Vets are there and the care they get are first rate. The staff and volunteers do so much good work, it is unbelievable, and anyone who is critical of the VA has not visited a VA facility.

    Second, I have asked for months a simple question… how is the HCR a government takeover? Because they define some standards, like the drugs I take for pain? And to call HCR socialistic is to again show a lack intellectual creditability. As a person who has actually been to a socialistic country...well again, like those who are critical of VA hospitals, those who think we live in a socialistic country, please go and visit or actually live in a socialist country and come back here and compare the material items, the freedom of speech, the court systems, the ability to live where you want to, to be able to go on vacations, and actually afford to go on vacations, to be able to post unflattering, untrue, intellectually lazy judgments about the POTUS....

    Finally, please tell me what we, as a moral country, should do about the 30 million uninsured? One person commented about the Hawaii situation. They seem to have been able to cover all the natives and severely reduced emergency room care. And have the lowest premiums in the country, with the highest healthy outcomes. Hmmm.. Wonder why? They are such a socialist bunch.

  21. For every election, the candidates' campaigns portray them with charm and charisma that woos and wows the public. Both candidates look like angels to their parties, but underneath they are both devils. You don't climb to the top of your field without stepping on a lot of toes. This goes for politicians too. I fell into the trap of wanting change, and now I can say that I regret it. I am all for change, but I don't like the change rammed down my throat. And the president that I thought I wanted has proved to be just another arrogant member of "upper management" (as evidenced by this clip).

  22. Buck,

    Speaking as someone who immigrated from a Socialist Country with the requisite socialized Medicine... This Bill IS engineered for a government takeover. Just how much of the actual Bill have you read?

    Funny how a 'Vet' should talk about how great this country is and how we have "freedom of speech" but in the same breath endorse a HC Bill that will
    -> empower Congress to put a permanent IRS lien on our very own body aka Individual Mandates. Freedom huh.
    -> replace a commercial reimbursement system with a tax payer subsidized one.
    -> drive doctors and hospitals out of business
    -> create rationing
    -> create a 3rd fiscally insolvent program in addition to Medicare and Medicaid.

    The Republicans have already presented a much better alternative. And they can't be labeled as obstructionist anymore. If you're genuinely concerned with HC Reform and the 30 million uninsured (who already HAVE access to uncompensated medical care) why not put the 'intellectual' investment and study the proposal.

    One other thing...My employer and I have already done the 'MORAL' thing by paying for your VA healthcare...through each of my taxed paycheck.

  23. You win for the "Best Blog Title" of the Health Care Summit!

    Truly, I CANNOT WAIT till we have honest ADULTS back in the White House!

  24. David7134: Your description of the VA describes our experiences with the VA 100%. My husband, a veteran with over 40 years of military service was treated so badly by the VA that I will never let him darken the doors of a VA facility again. God bless you for speaking the truth.

  25. Aucturian: Where are you getting you information and speculations from? How do you arrive at these conclusions? We do not know how what may happen. But I do know this. Where I work at the HC cost went up 29% for family coverage, 10% for single coverage. The highest raise we got was 3%. Where is the money to cover HC raising going to come from? Please advise. All your speculation does not solve the problem of raising costs, the uninsured, the underinsured, etc... I just totally reject as a moral country we cannot solve this, and I totally reject the name calling. Again, tell me why Hawaii has solved this, other countries have solved this, and we can't. Go to major American city ER room on a weekend night. Tell me then that we do not have a health care crisis. One time, when I was about 10 or 11 years on, while on vacation, we took a family vacation to Hawaii. I got sick, and we went to an ER. It was a weekend night, during holiday season, and there may have been 5 people day. My father, being Vet and a federal government worker, was covered. Compared that to when I was an adult in Detroit during a summer weekend. I had to take a family member to the ER. Not only was there was probably 50-75 people the ER, and they were so busy there was a guy, in the hall on a gurney, with an untreated open stab wound in his chest. Now tell me, would Dick Cheney, or me, or in a country with competent HC, would that latter scene had happen to?

  26. I think I asked if you read the Bill in its entirety. I also asked if you would invest the time in looking at alternative proposals that was presented on Thursday's summit which would address the issues you mentioned.
    But just like B.O., you've skirted the question, provided nothing but convoluted anecdotes and hear-say. You want to know where I get my info? How about... I actually read the Bill. How do you think I pass the time during my daily long commute from Queens to Brooklyn? I also come from a family of Physicians who are subject experts on everything that is good and bad about our healthcare system. And they have read the Bill in its entirety. This is NOT reform. It's a BILL.

    Just what part of what I (or posters like 'Retire05') have mentioned is speculative? Is the budget crisis in NY, MA and CA speculative? Is the high malpractice insurance premium driving private practitioners out of business speculative? Is the Individual Mandate speculative?

    Just who is resorting to the name calling when you've labelled the rest of us 'intellectually lazy' for pointing out the facts?

    As for your ER story. Thanks, but you've just confirmed my point that even if you are uninsured... you still have access to medical care in this country. So you can at least discount Alan Grayson's 'people are dying from lack of healthcare' lie. That should leave you with just the issue of the cost and quality of healthcare. Again, the answers you seek are available in the alternative proposals set forth at the Summit. Have a look.

  27. You asked for proof. I gave you a state where HC is covered and works. And as for your last point, how many uninsured actually go to the ER and how many don't...because they don't have insurances. I don’t understand why it is ok for Congress to have HC insurance, and you are all right with that, but for the people who build the buildings, roads, and computers.mop your floors, make your breakfast/dinner, wash your windows, count your money, teach our kids, sell/make the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet, etc.. why is it ok for these people not to have HC insurance? The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Your post has too many fallacies for me to actually comment on, so I will end with this. Until you offer actual proof that all these awful things are going to happen because people have access to health care and that Drs do not practice because of high malpractice premiums (does that mean if a surgeon cut off your right leg by mistake you would not sue, or causes you, by doctor error, to have pain and suffering the rest of you life, you would not sue?).. That said, I promised I would not comment on all your silly fallacies and will end with this. We are a moral country. If I have to pay an extra 500, or an extra 1000 dollars a year in taxes so every person in America has HC, I am ok with that. I guess I could take one day less of a vacation, sell the extra microwave, and pawn one of my TV’s. Maybe eat out one less time a week, quit ordering so much porn, and let my wife’s hair grow out once a year. I think that adds up to 1000 dollars. See, I have given my share. I am still alive, everybody in my house is fine, and now, if I or a family member has to go to the ER, there won't be a roomful of people with the flu and other contagious diseases there, and maybe we could be seen by a Dr. within an hour. I AM SO GLAD THE ELECTION IS OVER!!!!!

  28. Buck only wants someone to take care of him, cradle to grave, and he doesn't think he has to pay his bills. It is that simple