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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Waiting For TPT From TOTUS

I will not react in haste. I will wait until TOTUS passes judgment, and tells us how to react.

Oh TOTUS, wherefore art thou TOTUS when we need you most?

Please call it "The People's Teleprompter" or something like that.

And make them go away so I don't have to shut off the entire internet.

Update: He It has spoken -

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  1. you know how everyone is now looking at Olby and finally realizing he is becoming unhinged?

    that’s how people are beginning to look at all those who attack Palin. They are completely unhinged, and no one will care anymore.

    I wrote in another thread – so what? she wrote down three points she wanted to make sure she made – an outline if you will – “energy,” “tax cuts” “and “lift American spirit.”

    I think three key talking points, an outline, is a far cry from using two teleprompter to give a five minute speech.

  2. Once again, Palin will be seen as "one of us." (You know... the myriad persons who use notes and outlines to present ideas every day.)

    While Obama is seen as "other" (one of those who has his words prepared and spat out on TOTUS.)

    The dichotomy is so rich with imagery and symbolism, that if I didn't know better... I'd say Sarah planned this!

    The woman is a frickin' genius!

  3. Here's my take sent to friends & family:

    LISTEN to the HAND

    Well, Sarah Palin scored big with the notes written on her hand. Did Palin just single handedly set the agenda for 2010? It is a thrill to hear lefty lunatics and rabid O-bots using words they usually take great care to avoid: *Energy *Taxes *Lift America's spirits

    Will Democrats listen to the hand or will they follow the egObama over the cliff?

    Also note two other words in close proximity to the others, written on her wrist bracelet: Track Palin

    Recall this touching send off:

  4. BigGovernment.com has a good line:

    Note to the left: You can read the writing on the hand, or the writing on the wall. Take your pick.


  5. First the left thought it was international news that a private citizen from Alaska decided to wear a visor while on a beach vacation. Now they've spent the day mocking her because words were written on her palm.

    The funny thing is the MSM and liberal blogs have been trying to tear her down for 18 months. What's the result? She is probably as popular as ever and she is now fantastically rich.

    I'm not a big Palin fan, but I do enjoy watching her climb higher and higher the more they try to pull her down.