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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inevitable "Tea Party" and "Amy Bishop" Link Attempt

There is no actual link between Alabama-Hunstville shooter Amy Bishop and the Tea Party movement.

By all accounts, Bishop was extremely liberal and a huge Obama fan (to the point of being described by someone who knew her as being obsessed with Obama).

But in keeping with the attempt to smear as crazy the Tea Party movement specifically, and anyone who is not a Democrat generally, now comes the inevitable attempt to link the Tea Parties and Bishop, centered on a charge of shared racism.

From a blogger at True/Slant, Race in America: Does racism explain the ‘tenure shooting’ and Tea Party movement?:

In November of 2008, a prime debate was whether the United States – with Barack Obama’s election – lived in a post-racial society. Fifteen months later, the answer is a resounding, “hell, no.” The proof: last week’s shooting in Alabama, where a disgruntled white professor murdered three minority professors; and the growing success of the Tea Party movement, which is overwhelmingly white and increasing vocal in its violent dislike of the nation’s first black president....

One thing is certain, though: As we enter the second year of Obama’s presidency, the continuing economic squeeze is causing people to act in ways they could never have imagined when Obama took his oath of office under the banner of “hope” and change” for the better.

It would be easy to dismiss the attempt to link Bishop and the Tea Party movement given the absurdity of the connection. After all, Bishop loves Obama, so how could the "anti-Obama" nature of the Tea Party movement have caused Bishop to do anything?

It's just that these things have a way of working their way into the mainstream media, regardless of how outlandish the supposed connection.

Keep repeating Amy Bishop and Tea Party in the headlines, and it will not be long before 35% of Democrats believe there is a connection.

And that is the true slant.

Welcome Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Washington Examiner, Weasel Zippers and other visitors. In case you were not aware, One Year Ago I Saved The Economy.

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  1. I believe that is another standard tactic of the Liberal Left - repeat something often enough, eventually it becomes accepted as true. Didn't they try this with the guy that shot a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in DC? Turned out he was a leftist racist.

    Like the old Avis rent-a-car ad: They just keep trying harder.

  2. What a load of horse hockey. A left wing loon and virulent Obama supporter (to the point that she alienated many people by her propagandizing for the ONE) kills three people and its the fault of republicans and the TEA PARTY movement, and such violence by Bishop was 'unforeseeable? What hooey. Indeed, her actions might be deemed to be 'foreseeable' by virtue of her killing (dare I say alleged murder) of her 18 year old brother, 24 years ago and her alleged involvement in a plot to blow up a Harvard professor who was stressing out poor Ms. Bishop.
    It is also bs that either race or 'white privilege' was involved in these murders, as Ms. Bishop's brother was, dare I say, WHITE, and the professor she allegedly sent a pipe bomb to, was, dare I say, WHITE, (although the Harvard Professor was Jewish, so maybe the papers can falsely claim she's a leftwing anti semite, too?).
    It is curious that this libel on the TEA Party is coming out the same time the WH has put out a four point communication message which basically says, if the conservatives bring a knife to the fight democraps will bring a cannon. Just a coincidence? I shan't say more else I'll be labeled as some type of 'TEA PARTY CONSPIRACY NUT'!

  3. The more we learn about Bishop, the more we know she has been imbalanced for quite some time. While I think it's plausible she may have blamed her tenure denial on affirmative action (which would be a strange stand for a far left liberal to take), who can say for sure what triggers someone to engage in mass murder?

    As for the Tea Partiers being racist, what I do know is that people who are not racist are disgusted being labeled as such. The more Ogremann, Krugman, Rich and the lefty blogs keep making that false charge, the more convinced I become that they are ruining the Democrat Party in the eyes of the majority for a decade or two.

    As you keep saying, we can't regain control without their help. I hope they keep it up.

  4. Keep repeating Amy Bishop and Tea Party in the headlines, and it will not be long before Democrats believe there is a connection.

    Amazing (and somewhat frightening) how easily led they can be, isn't it? All it generally takes is a NYT OpEd and a few mentions on the evening news and it is as good as cemented. Slap it on the cover of TIME and it becomes Gospel.

  5. I've seen this happen first hand. I was driving with a couple of left-wing friends shortly after Obama's healthcare joint session speech. The "You Lie!" event. I was shocked that my well educated, intelligent friends actually seemed to believe the outburst (and the burgeoning Tea Party movement) could almost completely be attributed to racism. I use to be liberal in undergrad (way back when, 4 years ago), and I think I somewhat understand their mindset: You (the liberal) are convinced we liberal enlightened ones have a total monopoly of the moral high-ground as far as abstract ideas go and Conservative are unintellectual selfish bastards, at best. Thus, anything that backs up this worldview, especially coming from MSNBC or the New York Times, does not need further investigation. It becomes inarguable fact.

    Speaking of the NYT, I was surprised how many times they invoked it, as if it were some trump card. Their statements would begin, "Well, I read in the New York Times..."

    I'm glad I don't live in their world anymore, though it was comforting how much pressure it took away from critical thinking. The only critical thinking came when trying to comfort yourself after someone presented you with a logical argument against your beliefs.

  6. I keep hearing from all these white lefties that the Tea Party movement is overwhelmingly white. All the while we minority conservatives are standing here asking, "Um, what about us? We're not white. We support the Tea Party movement. There's plenty of us." Do they not see us? Do they not want to see us?

  7. "overwhelmingly white"

    The fact is that MOST gatherings of any people in America are "overwhelmingly white," laregly because the majority of Americans are "overwhelmingly white" and, despite 50 years or so of efforts, people largely associate along racial/ethnic lines. The continuing efforts to categorize all activity by racial component instead of interest just continues this.

  8. And now we get the articles trying to convince us what a tortured soul Bishop was. Can anyone spot the insufferable arrogance in the following quote (grabbed from the Christian Science Monitor)

    “You have to talk about Amy Bishop’s mental health in this situation as one of the variables, but being denied tenure when you’re in your mid-40s at an out-of-the-way obscure rural campus in the deep South is a catastrophic loss, and people don’t understand that,” says Jack Levin, a criminologist at Northeastern University in Boston. “If you’re denied tenure, you’re fired. And in this economy chances are you’ll have to change your career, which is pretty hard for a woman who’s spent a decade in graduate school on a prestigious campus, Harvard, and had a good reputation for scholarship. Where is she going to go?”

    I mean...good LORD, she murdered people over it. Why are so many lefties so hell-bent on supplying excuses for this sort of behavior? To me it is a slap in the face to all the others who suffer similarly and suck it up and trudge on without resorting to violence.

  9. More to the point, why are 1 million black men marching in DC seen as a culmination of racial pride, but a gathering of a few hundred white people is seen as a slathering mob intent on oppressing others?

  10. Didn't we go through an earlier version of this with Lee H. Oswald, a left-wing assassin wannabe of Gen. Walker who finally succeeded with JFK---only to be dubbed a crazy right-winger!

    Hollyweirdos like Oliver Stone owe their careers to having that insane ability to flip a KGB hit and call it a CIA operation!

  11. "out-of-the-way obscure rural campus in the deep South"

    Perhaps someone should google "NASA University of Alabama in Huntsville".

  12. K, to answer this criminologist, if she was such a great biologist who invented a new process, she should have been able to go into private industry without any problem. But then, of course, there was the small matter of her personality.... she probably had an idea that she was too weird to function in a corporation.

    Of course that doesnt excuse her actions, and it doesnt excuse him from defending her. Since he is another academic in Boston, he probably thinks that being "exiled" to Alabama would drive anyone crazy, and that private industry is so evil and unworthy of a Hahvahd intellect, that the prospect would drive one to commit a massacre.

  13. "I believe that is another standard tactic of the Liberal Left - repeat something often enough, eventually it becomes accepted as true."

    It's called Big Lie theory, and one of its prominent historical practitioners was a fellow named Goebbels.

    Go far enough left, and while the buzzwords may be very different, the actual tactics and objectives are very little different from what you get if you got far enough right.

  14. The author of the article conveniently neglects to mention that two white people were also wounded and are still in critical condition. An inconvenient truth, that...

  15. Vader, there is an essay out there by Goebbels, written in the early thirties that explains that the National Socialist party was indeed a Socialist party. it's a common misconception that the Nazis were a far right group. Fascism is the bastard son of socialism

  16. Wasn't this the blog that stated Scott Brown would not get sworn in, if elected? Also J, how about the analogy that a gathering of a group of young black men is a gang meeting, while a similar gathering is young white men, a "club".

  17. @BuckJohnson - no, this is the blog which said that we should call the Dems bluff on their threat to delay seating Brown because they never would really do it. You see, the arguments here are highly nuanced and sophisticated.

  18. True/Slant -- the blog that published this calumny -- should be called "Slanted Lies". That site features opinion that is overtly vicious in a lefty way. The author should be ashamed of himslef. Dr. Amy Bishop has been unveiled as weird, antisocial, "crazy" by a fellow professor at UAH, AND pro-Obama! No ties to the Tea Parties. I call Bull****.

  19. Repetition has been used long before Obama and liberals came into power. Repetition has been used by every scoundral and factless, logicless hack since the beginning of time. Remember our last administrations constant repetition of "Iraq" and "9/11" until a large portion of the population believed the two were related?

    "‘The important thing is to keep them pledging,’ he (Captain Black) explained to his cohorts. ‘It doesn't matter whether they mean it or not. That's why they make little kids pledge allegiance even before they know what 'pledge' and 'allegiance' means.’" –Joseph Heller, “The Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade,” Catch-22

  20. Keep repeating "Obama-loving Professor" and pretty soon 90% of conservatives will start blaming him for that too.

  21. A great example of how "spin" is applied to facts: "The proof: last week’s shooting in Alabama, where a disgruntled white professor murdered three minority professors; and the growing success of the Tea Party movement, which is overwhelmingly white and increasing vocal in its violent dislike of the nation’s first black president...."
    Take information that is merely corrolated and imply/state causation. If a "white" President was trying to impose the exact same socialistic and destructive policies on our country, does that mean the Tea Partiers would be less vocal or less "white"?
    90% of drivers in fatal car crashes had eaten carrots within a week of their accident. Therefore, carrots cause fatal car crashes?

  22. "A great example of how "spin" is applied to facts: "The proof: last week’s shooting in Alabama, where a disgruntled white professor murdered three minority professors; and the growing success of the Tea Party movement, which is overwhelmingly white and increasing vocal in its violent dislike of the nation’s first black president...."" -- Lech Dharma

    It's as Professor Jacobson blogged about elsewhere when he highlighted Obama's attempt to link his stimulus package with saving us from another depression. I always will remember what my old sociology professor said "Correlation does not imply causation."

    I do believe that this is some new strategy of discrediting specifically Scott Brown, the Tea Partiers, and Sarah Palin. I think it's centrally coordinated and is possibly the largest response yet the democrats have come up with to Scott Brown's election. I think they're terrified.

  23. I like how the True Slant author engages in disingenuous b.s. in the comments section below his piece -- while there's no proof that Dr. Bishop was motivated by racism or inspired by the Tea Party movement, SHE COULD HAVE BEEN!