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Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Mean There's A Legal Insurrection Taking Place?

No one could have seen this coming. From The New York Times, Voter Insurrection Turns Mainstream, Creating New Rules (emphasis mine):

But to suggest that this week’s primaries are just part of the latest revolt against incumbency, brought on by pervasive economic angst, is to miss some deeper trends in the electorate that are more consequential — trends that have brought us to an unprecedented disconnect between, on one side, the traditional shapers of our politics in Washington and, on the other, the voters who actually make the choices.

The old laws of politics have been losing their relevance as attitudes and technology evolve, creating a kind of endemic instability that probably is not going away just because housing prices rebound. Nor is that instability any longer driven only by ideological mini-movements like MoveOn.org or the tea parties, as some commentators suggest. Voter insurrection has gone as mainstream as Miley Cyrus, and to the extent that the parties in Washington take comfort in the false notion that all this chaos is fleeting, they will fail to internalize the more enduring lessons of Tuesday’s elections....

In other words, Tuesday’s results were less about the ideological purging of either party than they were about a rejection of the culture of both, a sense that Washington acts from expedience and little else.

Thanks for telling me.

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  1. Progressives are very irritated that conservatives have the vote.

  2. The Internet is dramatically changing the way people get their news and what influences their decision making about politics and elections. It's much easier now to obtain source documents and decide for yourself who, if anyone, is telling the truth. Furthermore, the Internet's "memory" is very long term, so off the cuff remarks that used to go unnoticed and were never revisited are now videos and blog articles that constantly remind the voters of a politician's lies and votes on issues.

    Case in point - the recent revelations of a California law similar to the Arizona law (highlighting the hypocrisy of California politicians), an Executive Order that defines the DOJ's position as supporting local law enforcement in efforts to deal with illegal immigration and Blumenthal's lies about his service.

  3. Who would have thought it..... You are years ahead of your time! :D