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Friday, May 14, 2010

It's On - Boycott Chris Christie

This attitude has upset some people:

(via HotAir via Ace)

Christie must be doing something right if people already are trying to boycott him (via TaxProf):

Gov. Chris Christie will remain the speaker at Seton Hall University School of Law’s graduation ceremony later this month despite a push by some alumni and professors to rescind the invitation, school officials said today.

The law school faculty discussed canceling Christie’s speech to protest his recent decision to not reappoint Associate Justice John Wallace to the state Supreme Court, Seton Hall law school Dean Patrick Hobbs said.

Professors debated the idea during a faculty meeting at the Newark law school on Friday. But Hobbs ultimately decided to allow Christie — a Seton Hall law school alumnus — to speak at the May 28 ceremony.

He might have a shot at the presidency someday, as Allahpundit suggests, but why wait until 2016?

The country is in the mood for a President who will take a hatchet to the bloated bureaucracy and out-of-control spending. Right now, without apologies, and without backing down.

The only problem I see is the separation of church and state. How crazy will they go at the prospect of Christopher Christie in the White House?

Really want to see heads explode (not that that should be a reason to do something, but it sure would give me endless blog material):
"Palin-Christie 2012"
Update: Was I merely " liberal-goading"? Maybe. Maybe not. More material for your next post, or maybe someone's college thesis.

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  1. HELL NO to Palin/Christie 2012!!!

    You can have him in 2016 and NOT BEFORE!!! He's doing too awesomely to give him up to the states!!

  2. Actually, I don't see Christie as a second banana to anyone. If he runs, he'll be the top of the ticket.

  3. Christie/Palin works better. Sorry, New Jersey, but America can't wait until 2016.

  4. Even better, Christie/Duncan Hunter.

  5. Christie/Norris (Chuck) or Christie/Cheney (Dick) would work, too.....

  6. No to Christie running for President in 2012. He needs to serve at least 4 years in New Jersey to clean up the mess Democrats have left behind. Let him take care of the New Jersey fiscal irresponsibility that 3 democrats left behind and the corrupt unions first, before he moves onto fixing America.

  7. The only problem I see is the separation of church and state.

    Obama ran as a messiah figure from the start, so there is precedent.

  8. I adore Sarah Palin and want her to be President someday, but I now think it was a mistake for her to say yes to John McCain.

    For one thing, while she has raw talent and charisma by the bucketful, she was still rather green on national and international affairs. For another, she posed such a great threat to the Black Narcissus for a few weeks in September 2008 that it caused the Left and their mouthpieces in the national media to quite lose their wits over her. It took Ted Kennedy thirty years of diligent toil in the service of socialism to become the kind of bete-noir to the Right that Sarah Palin became for the Left in a matter of days.

    If she had been up against, say, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman, I don't think there would have been the same degree of emotional investment in her destruction by the Obama-worshiping Left, and hence not nearly such blinding scrutiny and condemnation of her minor foibles. There's a reason that 250 reporters were sent to paw through the dumpsters of Wasilla, and it's not because of the heartwarming human interest story of the Palin clan.

    All this is to say, I think she should turn her attention to what she might have done after her Governorship anyway: step back onto the corner of the stage in a few years as a member of Congress or Energy Secretary, get used to the ebb and flow of Washington politics, hone her policies and arguments on the Sunday morning shows, and let people become reacquainted with the immensely capable and effective politician who enjoyed an 80% approval rating in Alaska right up to the day old man McCain summoned her to save his disastrous campaign.

    Chris Christie will get my full support in 2012, 2016, or whenever he wants to run. But I think Sarah should give it a rest for a decade or more. Her time will come, oh yes it will, but I am willing to wait for it to come to fruition.

  9. With that ticket we will end up with another 4 years of Prez-I-hate-America in the White House.

  10. Put a Christie-Palin ticket together. There's no way I'm voting for squishy Romney.

  11. I recall the words of a caller to Limbaugh's show after this man started to shake things up, paraphrasing the First Lady, "Rush, for the first time in my adult life I am proud to be from New Jersey!"

    What I really love was the quote at the end, "...I came here to govern, not to escape, I came here to govern, not to worry about reelection, I came here to do what people sent me here to do..."

  12. I popped over to No More Mister Nice Blog. What a woos (but, as you suggest, a source of blogging material that keeps on giving). As I wrote in his comments:

    "You misunderstand us Tea Partiers, sir. It's the spine and, pardon my French, the cojones that turn us on. ;)"

  13. @Sissy: I stopped by as well. What...they think their leadership is all warm and fuzzy? Seriously? The Left is so full of hate, they HAVE to claim it's us. They can't stand to look at themselves in the mirror in the morning. The hate themselves and their lives so much they can't stand to believe anyone else is happy, so when we are having fun poking them, they have to call it "hate". What a bunch of sissy-baby-chicken-cowards.

    (confidentially, I'm an active TEA Partier. Glad to know we're...."sexy"....oooohhhhh yyyyeeeeaaahhhh)


  14. This man is a pit bull.

    A pit bull with sharp teeth and big brass balls.

  15. The only two men that seem to be worthy contenders at this stage are Chris Christie and Haley Barbour.... the rest of them are like mush...

  16. http://schoolsite.capturepoint.com/assets/resources/AnOpenLettertoGovernorChristie2010-03-29.pdf



    Read those, then get back to me about the 'great job' that Gov. Christie is doing.

    Should there be change? Yes. Is this superintendent admittedly the exception to school administration? Yes. Is Christie taking the wrong approach to fixing Budget issues that became problems over decades, not minutes? Yes.

  17. TeacherinPA,

    The problem for you and all the other fine teachers living off of other people's money is that OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY HAS ALL BEEN SPENT. That's the problem with living on other people's money. How long has the NJEA had a blank check drawn on the account of the people of the state of New Jersey? Well, account is about empty now, so something has to change.

    If facing down the teacher's union in order to actually, you know, REDUCE spending is the wrong approach, what is the right one? Giving in to every demand of the teacher's union until the people are in a permanent state of bondage? Reducing the rate of growth, so that the hole the state is digging grows slowly instead of quickly? Just keep doing the same damn thing and hoping that somehow it will all work out? None of those sound like prudent approaches to me.

  18. agreed...with all...

  19. Danby,

    If you read the letter you would understand that a considerable amount of teachers, school districts, etc. understand the financial difficulties affecting the state and are open to compromise. A good friend of mine said that his district was told to anticipate anywhere from 15-20% less funding from the state of New Jersey. Instead, his district seems similar to Glen Rock in that almost ALL state assistance has been taken off the table.

    It's not a question of 'facing down the union' or 'giving in to union demands.' My point, and the point of many educators/administrators/people involved with public education is twofold: One, things were not broken overnight and can not be fixed overnight and Two, fixing this requires (at least some) compromise from EVERYONE INVOLVED.

  20. Funny that this Steve M clown at "no more mister nice blog" *rollseyes* characterizes Chris Christie as "angry, nasty, peevish" when he's actually simply frustrated, tired and bored of and with the one-party media's incessant mischaracterizations of the tone and substance of the debate.

    Mischaracterizations, coincidentally, almost exactly like that of this clown.

    What a transparent maroon.