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Friday, May 28, 2010

No Bad Days

It's the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. No one really is expecting you to work.

So watch this video of the student speaker at Cornell Law School's graduation earlier this month, it's worth a few minutes out of your busy, important day. And you will be glad you did.

You need to watch the whole thing to get it. But if your boss is hovering around, and you value your job more than you value this blog, skip to 5:40.

For my prior post about the speaker, see Inspirational Story of the Day .

As we commemorate those who have fallen in service to this country, remember, No Bad Days.

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  1. Recognizing you are a lawyer and this kind of thing makes an impression, I respect you find the guy's speech upbeat.

    But I'm sorry, I missed the point. Were we supposed to be excited he is in a wheelchair and is happy like a Lifetime movie? That he can move around enough to make it back to Mexico and Cabo and hang out in cool bars with other college kids over and over? That his dad or someone has managed to get him into high end law firms? Obviously somebody around him isn't struggling to make ends meet.

    The fact he snow boards in spite of his injuries- well that is kind of cool. I respect any person who pushes themselves physically even if they are handicapped.

    But beyond that I wish the kid well. He seems to be well adjusted.

    However, if you really want to be impressed, watch some videos of young men coming back from the Sandbox missing limbs and maybe parts of their brains and still want back in the fight.

    Somehow that beats a kid who has made multiple trips to Cabo, snowboards, gets to go to Cornell and obviously has some advantages going that might lend to his happy-go-lucky disposition.

    Sorry to be a bummer. I'm usually right behind you on most things. This is, well, just another bright, advantaged kid who just happens to be handicapped. (He was born with no legs, his dad is a lawyer.)

    This shows he is a strong competitor, which I respect-

    "But if the ADA cleared some paths, Horn has forged many of his own. A snowboarder since age 5, he's won 17 gold medals in the U.S. Amateur Snowboard Association Championships and co-founded the association's Disabled Snowboard Division, which has grown to almost 50 members from six members in its first year. He also holds five titles and three national records in swimming. "My parents never said, 'you can't do this,'" he said."

    However, like I said before. It seems he was lucky to have been born advantaged. It helps. Try it without the money, like the young soldiers here-


    Just saying...

  2. @archer52 - the fact that there may be even more inspiring people, such as soldiers wounded in battle, does not diminish how this student has not let adversity get in his way or bring him down.

  3. He's an amazing young man and it has nothing to do with his physical problems.

    His speech would have been just as inspiring if he was an able bodied 6'2" Adonis.

    No Bad Days. I'm going to remember that.

  4. Agree with Lori. My wife listening in the other room thought the speech was impressive.

    Personally I don't know how anyone could study law. Congrats to the class of 2010