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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The End Of His World As He Knows It

He just can't wrap his mind around it. So he sinks ever deeper into his belief that we fail to understand.

But in fact, it is he who fails to understand:

Is “Left” becoming a four-letter word?

You’d think so lately with each day bringing more news of unconscionable conservative tilts in the electorate, while the drumbeat of the Democrats’ supposed death march to November gets ever louder....

This string of bad news has only compounded an already palpable sense of loss and longing on the left, an enveloping fear of the inevitable: rejection.

He really doesn't understand, does he? What he calls "rejection" is the recognition that there never was "acceptance."

Nothing really has changed.

What doesn't he understand about that?

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  1. I've been reading your blog for a while now (first via Instapundit) and now stop by most days. I've added you to my blogroll on The Vail Spot. Thanks for your insights.


  2. Simply because panders in the beltway tell barack hussein obama that he is fully clothed doesn't mean that he is. The metaphor holds true and I'm afraid that the chickens will come home to roost. The lies, the greed, the Chicago style of management and the socialist agenda doesn't play well in what the administration refers to as "fly over country, where people cling to their outmoded notions of God and guns".

  3. Wow, Blow really hasn't a clue, has he? Aside from his intellectual dishonesty, he fails to understand, or appreciate, the reasons why the country is moving right. Of course, as a good little liberal, he blames fear of the future.

    Well, I for one, fear only a future run by liberals and their failed ideology.

  4. "...bringing more news of unconscionable conservative tilts in the electorate...."

    This MSM lackey Blow has gall. Just what is "unconscionable" about people seeing the results of folly, this "fundamental transformation of America," and correcting their views? It is only "unconscionable" to someone who is sold out - mind, body, and soul - to the Leftist agenda. That is the definition of a "useful idiot." He can't fathom that the majority of people see what is being done and they HATE it because it is wrong, it is evil, it us un-Constitutional!

    A deluded man. He needs to read about - learn from - Eldridge Cleaver, a former Black Panther who went to Communist countries and found out first hand that the propaganda being pushed is not truth; the US Constitution is again being proclaimed, and is revered, for a reason. But, will he learn?

    We can only hope that he, and the rest of those deluded, will see their errors and fallacies and turn to facts and truth. Socialism will lead to misery and enslavement to the almighty State for us ALL, including him - no matter how much he "helped the cause." That is the brutal, harsh truth history teaches of socialism and Communism.

  5. For most Americans over the last century, "Left" has always been a four-letter word in the sense that a speaker or writer who led off by saying, "We on the Left...", would more or lesss instantaneously lose the audience except for a tiny band of sectarians.

    In fact, "liberal" was almost never used by Democratic Party politicians for since most Americans, including most Democratic voters, did not consider themselves to be liberals and did not think very highly of candidates who were. In the 80s and even the 90s, a huge number of campaign ads by Republicans in every section of the country assailed Dem opponents as "too liberal." Indeed, a very important reason why left-leaning liberals have adopted "progressive" as a self-description is that "liberal" still carries a stigma (while "progressive" connotes basically nothing, at least up until now).

    It's a very recent phenomenon that such worthies as NY Times columnists use "Left" as a way to describe themselves and their political friends. I suppose that was in some way inevitable after liberals began to attack conservatives willy nilly as "right-wing" (as in the Christian Right), which didn't really catch on until the 80s.

    It may yet dawn on Blow that most people -- even many Democrats and Times readers -- don't think that the "Left" is where they want to go.

  6. It is funny that the old "liberals" have adopted the word-Progressive-that signified communists in the 1950's and eugenicists in the early part of the 2th century.

    I wonder how long it will take for the word liberal to be rehabilitated? At least rehabilitated for the statists, who charmingly believe that--absent all historical evidence to the contrary--they and only they know what is best for the rest of the human race.

    Maybe the destruction of our language--New Speak--is the best indicator of a foul political philosophy and a malevolent attitude towards individual liberty for all.