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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is It His Katrina Yet?

The evidence mounts of bungled permitting, delays in response, and understating the impact:

What will it take for it to be His Katrina? Waddaya think, Brownie?

Verdict. Not His Katrina yet, because there was no cover-up:

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  1. It will never be Obama's Katrina. Why? Because the liberal media will never blame him like they did Bush. Just last week the AP wrote an article basically saying how great Obama's response has been.

    These people have so much invested in his success that they will never blame him for anything. Hence, it will never be his Katrina.

  2. http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-05-14/its-bushs-oil-spill/

    I blame Le Georges Boosh ... and of course, Les Juice.

  3. You forgot to mention the campaign donations from BP to Obama.

    Of course by now it's clear that this media will never allow Obama to face any music save their chords of rapture.

  4. Milcus is right, the lapdog media will go to hell and back to cover for Obama.

  5. I will check out the Homeland Security and other gov. agency websites for specific actions they are taking but why the heck isn't the Army Corps of Engineers doing something? Where is help from other countries if this is such a massive thing?

    The aforementioned MIA elements makes me think Obama has not marshaled all the forces to help that he could or that he has not kept the public generally informed about the forces he has brought to bear on the situation - literally manpower. I don't think we can leave it up to BP to come up with the best solution to plugging up the leak - is Obama working with some other agency behind the scenes to come up with alternatives? And will he cut BP a break when it comes time to fine them?

    I think it is more than his Katrina. It's the mark he will leave on America for decades. It happened on his watch. The buck stopped with him. It took WEEKS for the media to uncover the fact that the safety equipment requirements were waived in addition to release of the video.

  6. If the information in the attached link is credible, it will make your stomach turn inside out.

    The story isn't dated, but the first comment to the story is dated May 7. I'm pretty sure that's when I read it and when it first hit the net. The author's allegations about a huge cover-up is starting to look more credible as time goes by:


  7. What's weird to me is that there were a few Lib.s actually starting to call Obama out on this early Saturday last week (Bill Maher wondering why the POTUS hadn't gotten any "s---" about it, the NYT, etc.), and then the story completely fizzled out in part... because of the administration's incompetence in handling the Times Square terrorist attack that Saturday night.

    Only Mr. Obama (with help from the fawning MSM, of course) could take what will probably be the worst environmental disaster of our time off the front page... by bumbling his way into another potentially horrific disaster. And then his poll numbers allegedly went up (???!!!- Do people out there enjoy stuff like this?)

    The guy's like some kind of bow-happy, political Inspector Clouseau when it comes to news events.

  8. What is the MSM waiting for? The second coming?

  9. While the oil spill has the potential of reaching Katrina-like disaster levels, I don't think it has reached the kind of epic failure that involved 1800 lives lost and $90 Billion damage.

  10. Obama's reaction is the reflex of the narcissist: blame everyone but me. Remember: "what's clear here is that the police acted stupidly."