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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One Kagan Question Answered


We'd heard the former governor actually dated Kagan when they were students at Harvard, but a spokeswoman for Spitzer denied any love connection. "They have been good friends since 1977 -- when they were college freshmen. They never dated," said Spitzer's rep.

Not that there would have been anything wrong with it.

Update: To say anything more would be so inappropriate:
“I did not go out with her, but other guys did,” [Spitzer] said in an email Tuesday night. “I don't think it is my place to say more.”
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  1. Of course not, nothing wrong with that at all.

  2. What? She wouldn't take a check?

    Sorry, hanging curve...

    Truth is, if she is gay her own community, which desires normalcy, will "out" her.

    Heck, they "out" historical figures so they can claim to be more like mainstream. A sitting SCJ? Easy money.

  3. Given the fact that it was Eliot Spitzer delivering that e-mail response to Politico, one would naturally be tempted to deliver the impertinent (mock-Clintonian) quip, and observe:

    "Guess that depends on what the meaning of "go out" is."

    However much that would be a well-deserved shot at Spitzer, it would quite unfairly and inappropriately be aimed at Elena Kagan as well, and an attempt to make her the shared target of the joke.

    I mostly fault Spitzer, in part for allowing himself to be set up. And there is no indication that Elena Kagan ever asked Spitzer to speak publicly on her behalf. She has to be rolling her eyes right about now.

    Seems the boy just couldn't resist interposing himself in this matter, I suppose as one element in his still-born rehabilitation.

    Nice going, Eliot! Way to use your friend for your own pathetic purposes!

    As Bob Dole once sardonically mused about Richard Nixon during the wrap-up period of Watergate, "Thanks for the anchor!"

    Her college friend, Sarah Walzer, who has now been described in the Politico piece you linked as having outed her as "straight," makes the correct observation:

    It's taking away from substantive discussion of the issues from a really substantive person who deserves to be given the opportunity to address the substantive issues," she said.

    Kagan's jurisprudential views on "gay marriage" are indeed pertinent, especially since she has decided to rather unequivocally express and repeat them.

    So, one would think, are her views on the breadth of, say, FEC authority to ban political pamphlets (or, theoretically, books) in regulating election activity . . . or should I say, the lack of recognition of over-breadth in her view, at least as Solicitor General, in the context of the First Amendment in the context of Section 441b.

    A real cynic might even suggest that all this gay/straight talk is a distraction from a discussion of her views on free speech.