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Friday, May 14, 2010

“Technically, it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts”

So says Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley (remember her?), regarding the arrests in Boston of possible Times Square bombing suspects on immigration charges.

As reported by Where Are My Keys blog, via Howie Carr:

The question at the press conference at the State House yesterday was, Why do these illegal types keep gravitating to Massachusetts?

The attorney general, “Marsha” Coakley, was a no-show, but she’d already answered the question a few weeks ago on Worcester radio station WCRN.

Marsha, why are so many of these illegal aliens invading Massachusetts?

“Technically,” she replied, “it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.”
Howie says: "Somewhere, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is smiling."

Bruce at Where Are My Keys blog says: "How glad am I that Scott Brown won?"

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  1. What in the world does she mean that "technically, its not illegal to be illegal"? Good Lord, this woman needs to be institutionalized.

    Unless there is some Massachusetts law that overrides federal law, it is illegal to be illegal anywhere in this country. What is so hard to comprehend here? And, if there is such a state law, then it is certainly in violation of federal law and by nature is illegal.

    My brain hurts whenever I try to understand the workings of the liberal mind...could you perhaps offer some insight, Prof?

  2. I don't why the Liberal mind struggles so much with the meaning of "ILLEGAL"!