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Saturday, May 15, 2010

"What about the guys who gave you money when you were a Republican?!"

For all you Charlie Crist fans out there, Crist's answer was "I'm going to keep it" (at 3:10)(via The Buzz):

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  1. What. An. A-Hole.

  2. Charlie Crist: Stickin' it to the people...for the people!

  3. How does this make you honorable sir? How can anyone have faith in your decisions and motives as a representative of we the people? How is this leadership?

  4. Guess what, white hair.. you goin DOWN...

  5. This just cracks me up! Who can be surprised by a politician. This is why I keep whining about needing some policy positions for the Republicans because this whole discussion about 'principles' and 'principled politicians' reminds me of a shrill argument between fans of professional wrestling. Worthless and a waste olf time. You want to control spending? Track where the money actually goes with an IRS Form 1099-GOV. That will wake us up!

  6. Well, the ads practically write themselves, don't they? Weather vane? Hell it's much worse than that. Instead of he said/she said, you run an ad full of he said/he said ads. Who could believe anything he says from now on?

    Tagline, "Charlie Crist thinks that you're too stupid to understand that he doesn't believe a word he says or he thinks that you don't care. Show him that's not true. Vote Rubio."

  7. What's up with the 20-year-old wife for the perverted old Crist?

  8. This guy is a skunk at the picnic. My next-door neighbor worked with Crist when he was on the way up the ladder and neighbor was a four-term Republican State Rep in a key district. Now my neighbor tells me that Charlie, surprise, surprise! is a compleat d-bag even beyond the d-bag lineaments of an Arlen Specter, who practically wrote the manual on how to advance one's political career by strategic switches in affiliation, party membership, and hair-plug insertions.

    At least Sen. Bennett has a modicum of dignity and decorum, not the pathetic grifter politics that Charlie Crist, in the nuanced opinion of my next-door neighbor, has drifted into.

  9. It's just too hard for me to feel much sympathy for people who donated to Crist.

    Did they think they were getting something besides a career opportunist whose essential core philosophy is that we really really really need Charlie Crist in office, the higher the better?

    A fool and his money are soon parted, as Thomas Tusser and my late Mother said. They should learn from the experience, and whoever said education was free?

  10. Did you notice the just about everyone he introduced either is or was a gov't employee ? Where's The "People" ??

  11. Times like this make me miss my home state. I would so love to vote against this man!

    As it is, SC politics is proving to be pretty interesting.

    ****Blog o' the Day!? Moi? Holy frijoles! I curtsey in your direction and blush from unfeigned delight. Many thanks!

  12. Living in Illinois, I shouldn't laugh...Still, Charlie Christ is pretty funny.

  13. That was Nixon's line about Checkers the Dog.

  14. and yet 38% of polled voters are saying yes to this guy? For why?

    PS - for the one asking about the wife - lots of money makes old orange guys sexy. Harsh reality, but there it is.

  15. Charlie was known has Charlie "Green Jeans" Crist down here because of his high rating with the environuts. As soon as Rubio started to catch up to him Crist backed away from all of his stands on the environment. Now he has flipped right back.

    He said that he wouldn't raise our taxes so instead he sent fees, across the board, through the roof.

    Florida is in deep sh*t and I would love to send Charlie packing-but not to Washington.