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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Can We Get Back To Talking About Lying Politicians?

Can we get back to Richard Blumenthal.

Remember him? The DEMOCRATIC candidate for Senate whose multiple lies about serving in Vietnam over the course of multiple years dominated an entire 24 hour news cycle.

The guy whose dissembling of his own words was Clintonesque in the extreme, as in "it depends upon what the meaning of 'in' is."

The guy around whom DEMOCRATS are rallying so strongly you'd think he had abused an intern.

The guy for whom it was not enough to be an academic and political superstar, he had to be a war hero as well.

The guy who was rescued when Rand Paul discussed, quite honestly, the dilemma of balancing individual freedom of association and speech with the need for racial equality and non-discrimination.

Can we please get back to talking about politicians who look you straight in the eye and lie?

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  1. Blumenthal has me nail spitting MAD! Steal the honor and bravery of those in the military to embellish your own sorely lacking personality.

  2. It's hard for most politicians not to lie when at least 3 presidents have been caught in them:

    1. Bill Clinton - master of the art of aw shucks lying and of lifting consideration of the oft unappreciated word, "it" to national prominence all of which endeared him to a nation.
    2. Richard Nixon - Dark and solemn practitioner of lies with deep meaning and consequences.
    3. George "Baby" Bush - master of the "What? Who, me"? school for the deft handling of uncovered lies. The technique also includes a component titled, "and don't tell my mother. lies.

    Blumenthal is small-time and potatoes. We're accustomed to upper strata political lies now. This is a minor distraction and, oh well, he really didn't mean it to be taken that way or to go that far. If he apologizes, everything will be OK, right? It's come home, all is forgiven time. Ease up on a guy with a nice address.

  3. No question Blumenthal is a repulsive liar while Rand Paul is just a nit-wit.

    There is a terrific scene in "NYPD Blue" (season 2, episode 17 -- "Hollie and the Blowfish") in which Andy gets furious at a loudmouth cop for lying that he was Andy's brother in arms during the Vietnam War. he drags the guy into a corner and tells him nose to nose that he can lie about everything else but not about serving in Vietnam and if he won't, Andy will beat the crap out of him.

    Anyone who knows how to extract this scene from the video and put it up online as an example of what most Americans would like to say to Blumenthal will have a blog post that deserbedly gets millions of hits.

  4. Surely you don't think a lying politician is more newsworthy than a raaaaaccccciiiiiisssstttt! politician???

  5. Alinskyites and Communists are happy - Rand Paul speaking honestly gave them what they crave: a target to attack and polarize. Using the ever-popular-with-the-leftists raaacist meme. A page out of Rules for Radicals, almost a classic implementation of Rule 13.

    Just what the voodoo witch-doctor ordered.

    Why attack a "comrade" like Blumenthal when he agrees with you? Liars like to protect fellow-liars, dontcha know?!

  6. If you're old enough to remember what it was like in this country during the Vietnam war you can only sit back in some kind of weird awe and fascination that it's now become a badge of honor to have been in combat in that war, so much so that politicians will mislead and lie about it. Because back when, it was fashionable to be anti-war, to have marched and demonstrated and even rioted in your opposition to the Vietnam war. It shaped the popular culture of the day and long after, the music, the movies, the books, and many a political career was made from having the right anti Vietnam war credentials.

    And now? Not so much I guess. It's better to be seen to have strapped it on and done your bit. Even if you didn't. Why is that?

  7. So awesome to see this cross-posted on Hot Air! Congrats!

  8. Somehow, I doubt "SAMHENRY" could actually name a "lie" of President George W. Bush. Rattle off lots of things he's been told are lies? Sure. Name something that was an actual lie? No.