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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Give David Horowitz The Nobel Prize For Exposing The Truth

The ugly truth behind the anti-Israel campus movement lies just below the surface, but it needs to be coaxed out.

Left-wing academics and student groups, who claim only to care about human rights, do not want to admit that they are in political bed with rabidly anti-Semitic Islamists, so they look the other way and pretend.

What the leftists do not understand is that they are next. Don't believe me? Ask all the Iranian leftists who helped overthrow the Shah, if you can find their graves.

David Horowitz deserves a prize and praise for bringing the ugliness to the surface for all to see.

Stay tuned until the end of the video to see the true face of the anti-Israel movement on campuses:

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  1. Holy God in Heaven....my jaw is on the floor.
    I know women like this.

  2. Just when I most need words to condemn this woman's vile, arrogant belligerence, adequate words are hiding under the sick feeling in my stomach.

    If not for the existence of the blogosphere and the courage and sagacity of David Horowitz, most Americans would not be able to confront the reality that he exposes. Unfortunately, most still won't believe it, which only emboldens the enemy.

    It is an experience akin to being crushed between two millstones: on the one side is the enemy who seeks to destroy you, on the other the human rights "advocates" who condemn you for the "unkindness" of believing that the enemy is in your midst.

  3. http://www.lc.org/index.cfm?PID=14100&PRID=936

    Below are comments from a Liberty Counsel newsletter. Leaves me leery & bewildered.

    Kagan has voiced strong opposition to key phrases
    in the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

    Really liked David Horowitz's comments Hamas.

    "I abhor the military's discriminatory recruitment policy"
    she said in defense of banning military recruiters from the
    Harvard Law School campus during a time of war. Disagreeing
    with her biased perspective, the U.S. Supreme Court
    unanimously overturned the ban she instituted.

    Ms. Kagan has called the Constitution "defective" and shares
    President Obama's view that we should have an "evolving" or
    "living" Constitution, thus marginalizing its ultimate legal
    authority. In that vein, she has written about a supposed
    need to significantly increase the power of the Executive
    Branch at the expense of legislative bodies.

  4. I can't believe one of them slipped up that bad. They must be truly emboldened by Prez-Zero to openly talk of genocide as their goal. Makes you think how much more virulent the hatred really is below this surface and just how widespread it is too.

  5. I don't think she expected to be confronted in such a blunt manner.

    Wonder how that same scene would play out in an Islamic country? If you answered you were against putting the Jews all in one place you'd probably be crucified.

    I'm sure the left thinks she was speaking truth to power, but last I knew Horowitz didn't have any power.

    There isn't a Noble Truth Prize, for truth is relative, not objective like peace. At least in lefty land.

  6. Chilling. But it must come out.

    The more the world hears these people coming out and state their true intentions, the better. It helps all of us who love and desire freedom to be prepared for the conflicts to come in the not-too-distant future.

  7. What a fine specimen of likely American born Jihad wanna-be. Fun times ahead for us all... when they graduate to something more than a degree.

    I say give all the MSA, a megaphone and the whole of MSM, to voice their opinions loud and long. The Tea Party will look like "tea tottlers", when the awakening to these Islamist radicals comes about.

    I think Elena Kagan has had more personal insight into these fine young students, since Harvard has been greased up and bending over for the Middle East millions for years.

    My faith is in her faith, IYKWIM.

  8. Makes me sick to watch that bloated jihadist talk that way. I wonder if Horowitz had voiced such an opinion--but in reverse-- whether he would be committing a 'hate crime.'

    The time is coming when these disgusting jihadists will pay dearly for their beliefs and actions of the present and past...I just want to be around when it does...

  9. I am thrilled to learn that there was a camera rolling.

  10. I agree with your post's title. Sick, but not altogether unexpected.

  11. David Horowitz is an avid supporter of ethnic cleansing, friendly reminder:

    After an hour of speaking, Horowitz took questions. Numerous students asked him about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, to which Horowitz responded heatedly, “The Palestinians are Nazis. Every one of their elected officials are terrorists.”

    He spoke of how the countries in the Middle East were created and had no right to the lands that now make up Israel. “The Jews were attacked. They had every right to expel every Arab from both Israel and, when they were attacked in ‘67, from the West Bank.


    When Israel supporters admit that they are in bed with anti-Arab racists then we can talk about how a single wacko represents the views of Israel critics.

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVS4Zgjm8HE

    BTW, anyone remember this?

  13. You have to admire the courage of a guy like David Horowitz; the man has no fear.

    I think while he's down in California, he should pay a visit to the L.A. Times and tell them to finally release the Obama-Khalidi videotape, so we can find out what similarly shocking things were said by our POTUS that night in 2003...