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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"This Will Be A One Term Presidency"

So predicts Gerald Warner in The Telegraph newspaper, in a column with the lengthy and highly descriptive title President Pantywaist in retreat: Barack Obama hoists the white flag over Stalinist health care proposals. [h/t Tim Blair] After reading the title, I'm not sure you really need to read the column, but here are the opening and closing paragraphs:

The white flag is flying over Camp Obama, which makes a pleasant change from the red flag that, metaphorically speaking, has been flying there since January 20. Barack Obama’s plan for socialised health care on the Stalinist model across the United States is now in full retreat. Not only will it not play in Peoria, it will not play anywhere....

There will be many more U-turns as reality overtakes Obama. His economic recovery plan, which cost nearly $1 trillion dollars and masked 9,000 pork barrels, has removed his halo for even quite gullible voters. This will be a one-term presidency.

I haven't seen a white flag yet. The aura is gone, along with the credibility and the superstar persona. But one thing Barack Obama has shown is that he keeps pushing forward regardless of long odds. The main thing holding him back is his fellow Democrats, and particularly the nutroots, who are at each other's throats over the public option.

If Obama cannot control his supporters and force a compromise among Democrats, then the white flag will fly. But we're not there yet. And three years is a long time.

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  1. Not that I should really be surprised by anything anymore, I profess the degree his supporters sound more and more like their polar opposites on the right is something I hadn't anticipated. There are groups that are feeling very betrayed and this is very early. I think he will have his hands full reigning his troops back in. To some degree he unleashed a monster online to get him elected, that now looks to be coming back to haunt him. I think Obama will not relent though, and neither can we.

  2. One term? I won't hold my breath. I learned that lesson in 1996. I couldn't imagine people falling for Slick a second time, but they did. And while he still didn't quite garner 50% of the votes, he got more than the 43% he got in 1992.

    Clinton had the Reagan economy pushing him along in the polls. Obama is hoping to wreck the economy in order to force as many people as possible into dependecy upon the government, better known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis.

    Breaking that dependency will be damned near impossible.


  3. in 04 Mark Steyn said that he thought that Bush would win over Kerry because you can't beat something with nothing.in 2012 the republicans had better come up with something.they can't simply rely on O's imcompetance.

  4. From his lips to God's ears. A one term Obama will cause plenty of damage to our society.

    My big worry is that the makeup of the voters are such now, with unions, ACORN, people on the dole, and other liberal agenda voters, that Obama and the select core of liberals will be re-elected. They will loose those on the bubble, but they'll stay safe. I think they know this also, and it is a measured wager they are willing to make. This is what committed revoluntionaries will do, sacrifice as many "lesser" comrades as needed as long as you can get to your goal.

    Ask the Russians in WWII.

  5. I think that you need to watch what happens in the mid-term elections in 2010.

    With the kind of feelings that are being expressed, I think that things could change dramatically.

    The ones to watch right now are the Independent voters. If they voted for Obama then they are going to be the ones who will lead the backlash.

    There are plenty of Republicans who have criticized Bush and they are seeking a strong candidate. I am not sure that the candidate will be Palin. The MSM are still suffering a severe case of both BDS and PDS so you will just have to wait and see. Some strong contenders are Condi Rice (doubtful at the moment) and maybe Liz Cheney (again I think that is doubtful because of her father). I do not see Cheney wanting to be involved with politics.

    At the moment there are still too many starry eyed individuals who lack any thoughts of their own, but change could be on the way - when they learn to be more open minded and not trust either the MSM or any factcheck organization.