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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Don't Link To Nude Photos of Obama's Mother

Various blogs have linked to [purported] nude photos of Obama's mother. I will not. It is wrong.

I know that left-wing blogs would link to nude photos of Sarah Palin if they could find them, and Photoshop Sarah anyway into faux nude scenes. I know they Photoshop Trig Palin and mock his Down Syndrome.

I know that the left-wing blogs which pushed the phony "Sarah Palin Getting Divorced" meme this weekend would sink to any low. We should not.

As a wise man once said: "But at the end of the day, we are not they, and we always should remember that. And be thankful."

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  1. Wow, at the behest of my sources I thank you

  2. That is just disgusting. It is amazing to me how low the nuts on both sides will go.

  3. Somewhere, some time, Pamela Geller went off the deep end. Her linking to nude photos of Obama's mother is yet another example.

  4. I love Pamela and admire her passion. I share her outrage. I cannot link to her post because I don't share anything on my blog that I don't want my kids to see. (See the sidebar on my blog.) Having said that, I do have sympathy for Pamela. Alaskan talk radio host Eddie Burke recently had Pamela on his show and he referred to her as a "spicy lady". I think that's an accurate portrayal. I think it's been difficult for Pamela to hold back all this time. I understand her outrage and I refuse to be critical of her for this. I won't link to it (for reasons stated on my blog's sidebar already) but I respect Pamela and I do feel her pain. Was it right for her to link the pictures? I think maybe not, but I understand the outrage from which the decision was made.

  5. P.S. I also won't report on my blog that pornographic photos of Obama's mother exist. I do honor the Office, if not the man. I think it is an attack on the Office to post the photos, or links to them, or even to refer to them. So, on this particular "value judgment" you have gone farther than I am willing to do on my own blog. We all make these value judgments. I answer to a higher power. We all have to do what we feel is right.

  6. We are not they. And thank God for that.

  7. Prof. Jacobson,

    With respect, pay attention to the fact that it is conservative women linking these photos. They are NOT being linked for the porn value. We are linking them because they say something voters need to know about the people who raised Obama to help them make sense of how a man with such a sweet smile can do terrible things he is doing and that he will do even more terrible things if people do not get a really good grip on who and what he is. These photos are for the Doubting Thomases who must touch the wounds, so to speak, before they can believe.

    Really, professor. Please change your mind about this. It is conservative women who are leading this charge. It is not about porn. It is about showing people how and why Obama is the troubled and duplicitous man he is, raised to hate democracy and capitalism and now in command of the perfect circumstances to destroy them.


  8. @Lisa - I'm not sure how you criticize something without saying what it is you are criticizing. I think I made the right judgment by not linking to the photos or to the blogs which link to the photos. A similar situation took place recently with the Erin Andrews photos; I think it would have been ok to criticize what happened, without linking to the photos or the blogs linking to the photos.

  9. Prof. Jacobson,

    Like Cynthia, I have tremendous respect for you and like Cynthia, I am one of the conservative women who have linked this. Liberal believe that they can use any smear and any tactic to malign women who wander off their plantation. We are not willing to take it anymore.

    Cynthia is correct that people know where Obama came from before they can truly understand where he is trying to lead us.

    I hope you will change your mind.

  10. Last time I backed Cynthia... This time you're correct, William. And of course, some got it wrong, both times... (Sometimes I wonder whether conservatives take turns with the few consistently moral brains in the room.)

    It isn't just the "porn" angle, Cynthia... It's spreading what amounts to unsubstantiated gossip about people, for partisan gain. Sure it's titillating to imagine that Sarah and the Dude are splitting up, or to spread rumors about Obama's dead mother, but whether or not they are, and whether or not she did, it's hurtful to the people involved and to their families, and true or not, it didn't, doesn't, and likely never will have any impact on them politically, or on the American people in any way.

    It's just netyard gossip, and it isn't even particularly good netyard gossip.

    The way Ms Geller & Dr. Douglas went about this is particularly unpleasant, because they simultaneously decried the rumor mill on the left, and ginned up the rumor mill on the right, in the very same posts, obviously and admittedly for payback.

    Either one believes that spreading unsubstantiated rumors and gossip for partisan purposes is wrong, or one does not. It's hard to take people seriously when they decry something done to them, and praise the same thing done by them. YMMV...

  11. Down on the left side of this blog I see this link:

    Piece of Work In Progress
    Obama's Mom Nude Photos [UPDATED]
    8 hours ago

    I didn't click it so I can't say whether it's a link to the photos or a link to a criticism of such but it doesn't look right.

  12. The blog list (Blogroll) updates automatically with whatever is the last post at the listed blogs. And btw, that entry did not directly link to the photos.

  13. Those photos are not new information, by the way.
    Nor are they the only ones.
    They came out during the campaign.

  14. WAJ,

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I see it's now gone so I hope my comment helped.

    btw - I really enjoy your blog.

  15. I posted the pics back in February 2009, having found them on a French blog. No, they are not comparable to the Erin Andrews video (which I volubly opposed linking to), as Obama's mother posed willingly for the photos, which are pretty tame, unless you are deeply offended by breasts and butts. There is very little "porn value" in them.

    I agree with Cynthia Yockey, who linked to my post about the pics, that the pics are newsworthy and relevant to the background and upbringing of Obama. I disagree with you, William, that posting them is "wrong." That is a personal value judgment that I do not share.

    As to their authenticity, I also posted authenticated pics of Obama's mother for comparison, and the two women are obviously one and the same.

  16. Carry yourself with dignity and have principles. That should be the difference between the right and the left. Parents and children are hands off.

  17. Wow. I thought we were gonna make stuff up like the Palin divorce etc. I had no Idea!!

  18. Repsac3,

    As I deliberated about whether to link Pamela's post, I considered the possibility of objections that I would be spreading unsubstantiated rumors. When I found that Stogie at Saber Point had done the painstaking work of providing authenticated photos for comparison, I was satisfied that the nude photos were indeed Obama's mother and that they were a vital part of helping people to understand the extreme degree of Obama's sociopathy, which is so far outside of most people's experience that they have no paradigm at all for understanding how he presents such a charming front while harboring such malign intentions.

    I have many posts at A Conservative Lesbian concerned with educating people that Obama's contradictions and promises with time limits make perfect sense IF you understand sociopaths. Here's the short course: sociopaths are charming and will tell you exactly what you want to hear in order to gain your trust so that you willingly hand over your wealth, power and autonomy to them in exchange for whatever the sociopath is promising. However, the sociopath has NO intention of keeping the promise AND does not keep it. The sociopath is skilled at deflecting and suppressing the objections of the people he has duped. Rinse and repeat. Is this starting to ring a bell for anyone?

    With respect, the objection that the nude photos of Obama's mother are unsubstantiated rumor is a specious one. The substantiation done by Stogie is overwhelmingly persuasive. That's Obama's mother. They help explain Obama's sociopathy. They are news.

    We are in a war for the life of the U.S. as a capitalist democratic republic that could be lost by Columbus Day. I think of the old joke about the Southern girl who was so polite that before she could say she was not that kind of girl, she was. The reason we must tell repugnant truths about Obama to try to wake people up to who and what he truly is before this happens, is that there is so much about Obama that is utterly repugnant. Unlike the polite people who are not quite sure where Obama is headed and how fast he is going there, I am comfortable with being rude in order to stop the rape of America.


  19. I can appreciate your point of view, Cynthia, but I'm pretty sure that Griffyn guy who ginned up the Palin rumor was pretty convinced by his sources, too. That doesn't mean he was right.

    The whole thing reminds me a whole lot of the Fire Dave rally in NY, where people so wanted to protect the innocence of Willow and the whole Palin family, that they attacked Letterman's wife and child as a slut and a bastard, respectively. (Aside from being hypocritical, neither of those allegations are true.) [Video from the Fire Dave rally]

    Besides (assuming for a second that Stogie is the crackerjack photo analyst you believe him to be, and the pictures are of the woman you believe they are), whether or not a woman has posed nude for her husband/long term partner (m or f), lover, or a professional photographer has very little bearing on the lives and futures of her children. Many women have, you know... With all due respect, I think you're grasping at straws...