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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Firefighter Card Is Played

New low. The firefighter care is played, as in, people who do not support unsustainable public union contracts which are sinking state and municipal budgets, or who do not support health care restructuring which will sink the federal budget, must hate firefighters:
As I'm watching a firefighter rappel down the side of a sky scraper to rescue a window washer whose scaffolding failed it occurs to me for the thousandth time that these people are a pure manifestation of heroic good in our society.

And they are unionized, public servants, paid by the taxpayers, which also makes them dirt in the eyes of 30% of the country. or it would, if that 30% understood even half the absurd bile that comes out of their mouths.
Oh, and it's more like 50%, not 30%, according to the latest polls.

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  1. Egad. Here comes the "urgent" EFCA "debate."

  2. I might be missing something but State and local governments just like compainies are also likely to dump people into federal pool to save money. And they most likely won't even have to pay the fine. Never mind the fact that the 40% on the Obama care plan comes from the states which have no ablitity to pay it right now seems all the more likely.

    Be intresting to see how long after the Public options is passed it takes a union to go on strike to stay off the public plan they are trying to hard to get passed now.