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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Maher Ignores The Clown In The Room

Bill Maher has attacked Michelle Malkin for her new book, Culture of Corruption, in typical Maher fashion. Ignore the substance to prove a political point.

What was amazing, was that Maher did it while seated next to Rachel Maddow. Why mock a book when you have such good material sitting next to you?

NewsBusters completely picks apart Maddow's ignorance of history, and false assertions as to the cause of the Great Depression, in the video above:

That Maddow knows little of Hoover is not surprising, despite the fact she earned a doctorate -- in political science at that -- from Oxford. For many liberals, American history starts on March 4, 1933 with Roosevelt's inauguration and FDR uttering the words, "We have nothing to fear ..."

But you'd think their knowledge of history would extend a tad earlier, to include the 1932 campaign and Roosevelt's criticism of Hoover -- as a spendthrift hellbent on enlarging the breadth and cost of government. Doing so, however, could prove problematic for liberals' foremost creation myth -- that Hoover caused the Great Depression, "Did Nothing" in response, and Roosevelt rode to the rescue. As mythology goes, this one is Homeric in its longevity and as accurate in its
depiction of actual events.

Next time Maher takes on Michelle, he should invite her to the show. That will not happen because the last thing Maher wants is substance, enlightenment, or anything that will deflate his agenda.

But if Maher wants true comedy, next time he should sit next to a real clown, like Al Franken.

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  1. What a gutless thing to do. Attacking someone without at least inviting them to defend their positions shows complete cowardice, in my opinion. I agree though, it is not likely to happen as it won't help his cause.

    I have to admit I had no idea Maddow had a Doctorate from Oxford. It certainly didn't teach her not to rush to judgment or to be open to opposing viewpoints.

  2. Does anything that man does surprise you. He himself is devoid of intelligence and understanding,never mind a true grasp of history.
    Remember he said the 9/11 terrorists were the really brave ones...how did he ever get his job back?

  3. The reputation of President Hoover has long been overdue for a thorough rehabilitation, and I fear that there simply isn't any chance of it happening in my lifetime. The Roosevelt myth is too large, and the lovers of big spending, big government, wooly-headed ideas and out of control liberalism would never stand for it.

  4. I'd agree with the tenor of this post from L.I. and Jacobson but for one small detail here:

    Maher generally IS the clown in the room, as anyone who's sat through one of his vile monologues must surely admit.

    Other than that, yeah, Maddow is supposed to have an IQ high enough to boil water, but it seems when it comes to the history lessons going back beyond the First Day of Creation (FDR's New Deal), either Oxford and her earlier schooling didn't teach the facts of the matter (which, I suppose is not all that surprising these days) or she's smart enough to work around this but prefers not to.

  5. Maher & Maddow personify the stupid leftist conceit of making false assumptions based on received opinions and fixed ideas ingested in fake colleges like Oxford. Yes, Political Science as preached at Oxford is a doctrine, or rather an oxymoron, based on factitious logic like that of the cowardly dunce Maher, who cannot debate people because he is so easily exposed as an ignorant impostor.

  6. To Dave in Boca,
    Oxford? A fake college?!?! WTF. It's not a college at all, it's a university. A university founded over 800 years ago and consistently ranked in the top 10 in the world.
    Oxford probably may not have taught about the Great Depression as it's a British university, and therefore has no need to include American events in the syllabus. And anyway, all events are open to interpretation by the person considering them.
    Rachel Maddow doesn't really seem like the type to spout off about something that she knows nothing about.

  7. Maher is nothing but a vile and disgusting individual that epitomizes the intellectual acumen of the liberal left. His talk show style and tactics seem to be the model used by the one and his henchmen/women in their attempts at passing any of their pet projects.

  8. Wow...suddenly everybody is threatened by Bill Maher.

    Spouting off about another vile and libel-packed book of lies from Nee Maglalang? It's comforting to know that the only people who read her books are people who already agree with her extremist points of view anyways so...whats the big deal? If it wasn't for Michelle Malkin, the Democrats would've never won the Latino vote from the Republicans. Bill Maher should be thanking the racist idiot.

  9. I agree with with syntax. We should all be thanking these racist,evil hate mongers. Please don't stop, as it shows good people everywhere your true colors. Thats why we defeated you in the civil rights era, defeated you in 2008 and will continue to defeate you. Good will win over evil always!!!

  10. you won't post my comment untill you approve it talk about censorship. Who is doing the approval and based on what. Obviously your not reading the comments from right wingers who call people stupid, vile, and even harsher words. I guess right wing fanatics can say what ever they want with approval.

  11. Wow, Nicolas, your lack of knowledge of history is extreme for someone so opinionated. You really should do more reading since you have the internet available to you. The more people who open their eyes, the better off we will all be. Try the website, www.black-and-right.com/thedemocratracelie/ And, while you're at it, really find out if Martin Luther King was a Republican or a Democrat. The education might do you some good to actually see, for once, where the evil really lies.

  12. Wow, this nicholas character knows absolutely nothing about the civil rights struggle. Guess he never heard of the DixieCrats, those southern Democrats like Lester Maddux who were all for keeping things the way they were. Or how about Democrat governor George Wallace, the segregationist who ran for president on a platform of continuing segregation and carried five southern states as in independent. Most of his supporters in that election were pro-segregationist Democrats.

    It was Republicans who pushed through Civil Rights, Democrats in the south fought desegregation tooth and nail. It was Democrats who passed the Jim Crow laws and the Black Codes. It was Democrats who manned the fire houses and stood in the doorways of schools blocking admission of black students. Most blacks were Republicans in the 50s and 60s and had been Republicans ever since the Republican party fought a war to free them in the 1860s.

    Nicholas needs to read some books.