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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Remember When Bush Helped Bin Laden Get Away?

One of the benefits of the current turmoil over health care restructuring is finding hypocrisy in the hyperbole being used against opponents of health care restructuring.

From John Marshall of Talking Points Memo, August 7, 2009:

Most significant here is not the right-wing liars and demagogues making this stuff up but the fact that they've convinced a significant number of their followers that this stuff is true.
Remember Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, April 25, 2007 :
Consider the facts. President Bush had bin Laden trapped in the mountains of Tora Bora. But he let bin Laden get away because Bush wanted to focus on Saddam Hussein instead. The president and the White House tried to lie about this during the 2004 election. But since then the evidence has become overwhelming. President Bush decided to let bin Laden get away so he could get ready to attack Saddam Hussein. So pretty much anything bin Laden does from here on out is on President Bush.
Years of Bush Derangement Syndrome make it so easy, it's almost not fair.

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  1. I think the word demagogues is in a talking point that is being circulated on the left. I noticed this week in my local paper there have been an unusual amount of pro HR3200 editorials written by supposed senior citizens that seem to manage to use the word in every one. A number of commentators in the media have repeated it. Perhaps it is coincidence but usually when a word gets used suddenly over and over like this it is in a talking point.

  2. Once upon a time I used to be a Liberal Democrat. In fact, before Gulf war I, I remember going to a few protests opposing the use of power against Hussain because "Bush was not using the military to bring Democracy to the Middle East,"

    fast foward 12 years, Bush the son takes up the idea that "Democracy in the Middle east defeats Terrorism and tyranny," And what did the Liberals and Democrats do?

    They protested because we didn't have a Nixonian realist foreign policy that President Obama enactd today.

    I'm sure Neda and the Iranian protesters of Democracy must LOVE Liberals and Democrats in the United States.

    And when they do free themselves from the yoke of the Ayatollah's, we apologize for allowing Andrew Sullivan to influence American policians -- he supports Obama who supports Ahmadinijad.

    Democrats believe in the rhetoric they spout.

  3. ***That last line should read:

    Democrats DO NOT belive in the rhetric they spout