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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now The Left Doesn't Know Obama

"We don't know who Obama really is," or words to that effect, has been a standard theme of people opposed to Obama's election and governance. What I called the "Door No. 2" effect in the very first post I did on this blog, back on October 12, 2008.

Now avowed supporters of Obama are coming to the same realization. With a scant legislative record, an avoidance of hard decisions while climbing to the top, and a personal narrative shaped entirely by his own pen, Obama was and remains an enigma to opponents and supporters alike.

In a Huffington Post article titled Our Fuzzy President Is About To Come Into Focus, former Washington Post columnist and darling of the "progressive" blogosphere, Dan Froomkin writes
We're finally going to get to know the real President Obama.

Once the final outlines of health-care legislation become clear, we'll know what really matters to him. Where he draws the line. How he wields the levers of power. Whose ox he gores when there's goring that has to be done.

We'll know who's really in charge.

What's amazing is that more than six months into a presidency that Obama vowed would be the most transparent in history, we still know so little about some basic things like how he makes up his mind and who influences him the most.
Shouldn't we have known who the real Obama was before we elected him? We're still one big nation waiting to see what is behind Door No. 2.

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  1. That pretty much sums it up, Buck.

    Oh, yeah, except for maybe his communist party memberships, his ties to the seamy underbelly of Chicago (Rezko etc.), Ayers' authorship of "Dreams"....

    Good thing he's been open about his transcripts at college and Law School, his "Presidential Checkups", is sure his family has the story straight on how he met his wife. Extra bonus on how his strong stand on issues can be traced right back through his political career in his voting records.

    If it's not obvious to you yet that he's a fraud, well, I pity you.

  2. I agree. It's terrible that the guy got voted in without us really having any idea of who he is or what he was going to do.

    I call it the American Idol Effect.

  3. dailydino,

    I call it a disgrace and a lack of a free press

  4. Door #3 is really gonna hurt. I've always thought that the transparency advocated by the Young President only works from the inside out -- witness the new "cookies" policy. Nixon was impeached and booted from office for less.

  5. Did anyone see Mr. Bush college transcripts?

  6. A very good article on explaining how dumb down America has become. People are just too busy watching American Idol, and the NY Yankees to realize how far we have gone. This is why I have started my on blog at http://www.myinfo4u.net to wake people up! Keep up the good work W. Jacobson.

  7. I'm quite sure Rush and others months ago played a truly comical "We Don't Know!" (POST-election, naturally!) duet between Brokaw and Rose that catalogued all they and we did not know about the supreme con artist (the clothes with no emperor). It's breathtaking what all we didn't and don't know.

    But many of us have known quite enough for a very long time not to vote this narcisstic Marxist and his Chicago thugs into the WH. We didn't do this, but we will happily witness the Democrats/Left spiraling down in flames as the result of this. Oh, yes, we will.