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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Caricatures Of August

What is it about this August. It seems that every caricature of Democratic incompetence, intolerance, snobbery, tax-and-spendiness, and manipulation is coming true right before our very eyes:
Caricatures are supposed to be exaggerations, but I'm beginning to wonder.

(h/t to Memeorandum, of course, for the links)

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  1. These days when I read the news, and I feel scared, worried, and downright angry.

    My dad always taught me to watch out for people who say they know what is best for me--better than I do. He always felt liberalism would take its followers down that road of "we know what is best for you, and you simply don't because you are inherently stupid (but that's not your fault, sweetie)."

    I have actually lived in Denmark. While living there I contracted a simple mono virus from overworking at my job. I didn't know what I had, but I knew I felt terrible. I went to the doctor there. He didn't think there was anything wrong. I went to several more doctors. They told me to go home. I called my parents back in the US, and they asked me if ever any blood work was done. The answer was no. They were appalled--what would be routine here in the US was not routine in Denmark--one of the best examples of socialized medicine.

    I flew home to the US, saw a doctor, got blood work done, received a diagnosis, and was better in a few weeks.

    I am so tired of people saying they know what is best for me. Socialized medicine in not what is best for me!

    btw, I love this site. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Indeed. Today's Paul Shanklin skit is tomorrow's real-life Democrat conduct.