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Thursday, August 6, 2009


While protests against Democractic plans to restructure the health care system are growing by the day, the campaign to malign such protesters has not caught on at all at the grassroots.

The campaign to create a sense of outrage against the protesters is not working, despite the best efforts of Barack Obama's campaign organization to get people to meetings, politicians such as Nancy Pelosi calling protesters Nazis, groups such as ThinkProgress concocting false conspiracies, and the left-wing blogs singing the same tunes.

The campaign directed at health care protesters is nothing more than AstroOutrage, incapable of growing on its own.

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  1. Is this why republicans never took advantage of retarded 9/11 truthers to make Democrats look stupid?

  2. Truthers and birthers. Mobs and college thugs. MSNBC and Fox News.

    Only those that stand on the wings can fail to see the hypocrisy of both sides. The rest of us on board can see very well, though.

    Like Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland or Catholic Croats and Eastern Orthodox Serbs or Shias and Sunnis – they will carry on the maniacal screaming till they start killing each other and must be separated by soldiers with automatic weapons. At least when they perish they will each and all firmly believe they are going to their very own version of utopia complete with their version of 72 virgins.

    Meantime, our nation corrodes. Its economy, its morale, its soul.

  3. All it's doing for me is showing me how scared they are of the populus exercising common sense.

  4. This is our lives and liberty at stake here. They've always counted on being able to intimidate us into silence. We cannot be intimidated anymore. Viva la revolution!

  5. Hey Mayhon,
    I guess that I am a retarded 9-11 truther, but since you are willing to say that then that tells me that the retard is yourself. You obviously have not done any independent research on what really happened that day or you would never say that, you yourself would be seen as a retard for seeing the reality. I take no offense to what you said and I actually am proud of it. Go visit drjudywood.com

  6. It is wrong to label the protesters as "Republicans" or "Democrats". I belong to a group that started out as a tea party group and then grew into something more. Let me tell you, we are sick of ALL politicians, Democrat AND Republican. The members of our group are Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, et al.

    We attend meetings held by elected officials because we don't trust any of them. Our points of view are all based on common sense. We don't want our country bankrupted so that the current administration can play his social engineering games and can reward people who helped put him in office. No, we didn't like Bush either.

    It bothers us greatly that these truly important decisions are being made based on hysterical ideology, both from the Democrats and the Republicans.

    Now, before we are called retarded or deranged for opposing Obamas plans know why we oppose them.

    First, there is no debate, no discussion, the plans are put together behind closed doors and then the bills are sprung on us with no notice and Congressmen are forced to vote on bills they have not read.

    Second, the Democrats speak to and about us like we are some kind of pariah. Like we are all racists, idiots, traitors for daring to demand an actual discourse on these issues and not have bills we have not had the ability to read jammed down our throats. Our group has people from all races and all walks of life.

    Third, the goals of the latest bills - cap and tax and health care reform sound wonderful. but the bills won't deliver these goals, they will have the opposite effect. No one opposes energy independence and/or cleaner energy sources. But cap and trade will not deliver either. What cap and trade does is set up a Ponzi scheme where energy producers and energy consumers pay huge taxes into a pool controlled by the people who gave us the mortgage crisis to be redistributed as those crooks see fit. This will not give us energy independence and it certainly won't lead to clean energy. One thing that really bothers me about this cap and trade bill is that it excludes the two cleanest energy technolgies out there, namely hydro and nuclear. What? You say you want clean energy and then exclude the best two options for creating clean energy. That tells me that cap and trade is not about clean energy, which it isn't. It is about redistribution of wealth. When Republicans tried to introduce amendments to change the language of the cap and tax bill to state the desired effects of energy producing technologies instead of having a specific list of "approved" technologies they were gaveled down by Waxman and could not even read their amendment, then the amendment was quickly voted down with ZERO discussion. A senator from Georgia said that Georgia is dedicated to nuclear energy because they already have several nuclear facilities that can be readily expanded, and Waxman said "nuclear is not an option". How can the federal government tell Georgia what electricity generating technologies they can and cannot use?

    Same goes for this health care reform act. The goal sounds wonderful "Provide health care to everyone while reducing the overall costs". But the bill does not do this. it does not take on ANY of the issues that are keeping the costs high. It will actually increase costs by adding numerous layers of bureaucracy.

    This is why we oppose the health care reform bill and the cap and tax bill.

    I'm not letting Republicans off the hook here. They have known for years that these two issues are important and they have done nothing. Now they do not present an alternative plan that will work they just keep screaming "WE DONT WANT IT".

    Our politicians disgust me.