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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scripted Complaints About Conservatives Being Scripted

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly's Political Animal blog complains that conservatives are working off some pre-determined script as to Ted Kennedy's death:
"It looks like word went out yesterday about what leading conservative voices should say about Ted Kennedy's death: complain about the memorial service that hasn't happened yet."
Benen then cites several examples, with quotes from Sean Hannity, Instapundit, Allahpundit, and Kathryn Jean Lopez.

But click on the link in Benen's post, and you will see that he is parroting Media Matters -- the source of so much of what ends up in left-wing blogs -- for his post. Bennin appears to be working off of the Media Matter's script for how to respond to what conservatives are saying about Ted Kennedy's death, namely, to accuse conservatives of being scripted.

So someone who is working off of the Media Matters' script is complaining that conservatives are scripted. Classic.

Added: Here are some of the other blogs feeding off the Media Matters' plate on this story (h/t Memeorandum, of course): Hullabaloo, The Minnesota Independent, Taylor Marsh, and MyDD.

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