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Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Because AstroTurf Is Non-Flammable

The NY Times has discovered that the Health Debate Fails to Ignite Obama’s Grass Roots:
But even among those who turned out for the meetings, many of whom had Obama buttons affixed to their shirts and spoke glowingly of the president, there was a sense of fatigue at the prospect of returning to the political calisthenics the Obama army once required.
Uh, yeah. Because AstroTurf is non-flammable. You can roll it out, but it's not real grass regardless of how it looks.

The Obama campaign rolled out the best campaign apparatus ever, and it looked real, but it was artificial because people didn't know who or what they were voting for. The people were real, the enthusiasm was real, but there were no roots.

Now that people know, it's just not that exciting. Or maybe it's just hope and change fatigue.

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  1. Totally agree. We (collectively, not individually) have allowed this "slouching towards Gommorrah" (Judge Bork), Liberalism, since the sixties. Our Constitution surly is being shredded. It is time to reverse this assault on our freedom. The Republican Party should change it's name to the Conservative Party; or just have a Conservative Party. CQ in NJ

  2. I am nominating this post for "Best Blog Post Title of the Week."

    With NYT headline displayed in my Memeorandum sidebar widget, it me chuckling right from the sidebar blogroll, before I even clicked over here to read it.

    Such is the "Audacity of Astroturf."

  3. Or maybe embarrassment. I mean really. Can they be so very proud of the direction this administration is taking us in?

  4. my hope is this doesn't stop here. I'm sure we will all continue to complain about republican issues like cap and trade and amnesty but I want to see more grassroots fights against things both Bush and Obama failed at. Like personal privacy rights, constitutional free speech, etc. Even dems can join in that not just the usual repubicans and libertarians.

  5. If I'd voted for or donated to Obama, I'd want to kill myself or get my money back or both. But that's just me thinking with my post-liberal brain, I guess. All I know is I'm having too much fun protesting and speaking truth to power now.

  6. Thank God I am not a US citizen because that way I do not share the blame for voting in such an incompetent as POTUS. Nothing to do with skin colour because he knows nothing and is by far the most inexperienced person in that role. Jimmah did a bad job but I think this one is worse than Jimmah.

    Actually, over here we have an incompetent as Prime Minister. I did not vote him into power either.