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Friday, August 21, 2009

Scary Health Care Video

Why hadn't I seen this before?

(h/t Tysk)

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  1. Love your blog.

    Keep up with Stossel. He has a big audience, and makes sense to a lot of people.

  2. You hadn't seen it before because you hadn't visited my blog/website .... smile


    Enjoy your webiste... Have linked to it several times.

  3. I heard Sally Pipes on the radio today tell a chilling tale of what happened to her own mother under government run health care. When her mom feared she had colon cancer, she went to the doctor who, without testing her, simply told her “No, you don’t”. When Sally told her mom to insist on a colonoscopy, the doctor told her she was too old and there were younger people waiting in line for that particular test. Later, when she was taken to the hospital bleeding, she spent two days waiting in the ER, two more days in transition waiting for a hospital bed and within two weeks, she was dead. But, she did her part to keep health care costs down!

  4. Stossel's last 15 seconds was a nice touch. Pet care remains privatized and for profit in Canada. Animals can get a CT scan in one-fourth the time when compared to rationed care for humans. Would it be a cruelty to animals violation if we did a test run of Obamacare on pets, before we subjected it to people?