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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Detainees Abused With Chainsaws and Cattle Prods

Widespread abuse has been alleged, including one incident when they threatened a detainee "with a chainsaw as his autistic daughter looked on," another where they used cattle prods on detainees' genitals, another where they put a gun against a detainee's head, another where they slammed a handcuffed detainee's face into the ground.

A system fostering a pervasive atmosphere of abuse "without fear of punishment." Over 10,000 complaints of abuse in just two years, but only 19 disciplinary actions. And the abuse was covered up at the highest level.

Not at Gitmo. Not at black sites. Not at Abu Ghraib or Bagram.

In Chicago. "Allegedly."

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  1. Ah, Chicago. They do have their little quirks.

    For the grievous offense of asking what I was charged with a very large black man grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and slammed my face into a cinder block wall, telling me to "shut the **** up before I turn your white ass black" at the courthouse at Cook County Jail.

    Sometime prior to that a state's attorney leaned on my neighbor, my wife, and me (that I know of) to neglect mentioning in our testimony something we saw because it was a "distraction" (there's that Obama word again) from the story line the prosecution was presenting in a murder trial.

    The Chicago Way.

  2. That is just sickening. How are people supposed to know which officers are the decent ones that take their oath of "To Protect and Serve" seriously, and which ones could careless?
    Of course, it is not surprising in the least that Obama is from there, he and his team have proven over and over they are the masters of out right lying and cover-ups as well. Good to know that Obama could've done something about all of this Chicago police abuse while he was a community organizer or a senator, but apparently chose not to. He would rather go along with throwing money at the problems, just like he does know as the President.

  3. Chicago is generationally corrupt. That is a starting place. It would be better to assume all the cops are bad, than try to figure out who isn't. And I'm a cop.

    The guys from up there tell stories that are funny in one way and sad in another.

    For example, in Chicago, as I heard it, the best job to have is the traffic detail downtown. Retiring cops hold a bidding war to see who was wiling to pay them to take their place. Seems everbody has to double park, and you pay not to be towed. Now, this is the story I heard. One time a bad guy goes downtown and parks. He pays the fee and moves on. The FBI is following him so they double park. They flash the badge and the traffic cop says, "I don't care who you are, you park, you pay." The FBI had to cough up the dough or get towed.

    Here is another example.


    Chicago isn't the only city like that. Detroit also has serious problems. NYPD cleaned its act up several times, and the guys I knew from there didn't say much about graft or corruption.