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Monday, August 24, 2009

I Can't Keep Up With All The Failures

I can't keep up with all the ways in which this administration is failing. From the health care restructuring proposals gone sour, to the slippage in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the appeasement of Hugo Chavez and Iran and the bullying of Honduras, to the end of the special relationship with Israel, to the burgeoning budget deficits, to the unraveling of our intelligence capabilities, to the likely double-dip recession, to the mounting job losses, to the stimulus boondoggle, and on and on.

I just can't keep up with all the failures. And it's getting me worried that I may have been more prescient than I had expected in my predictions of what would happen when the speculative bubble of hope and change burst. And it's more than a little scary.

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  1. There is no failure here. If there were anything approaching failure we'd have heard about it in MSM. Instead, E.J. Dionne assures us this morning (The Invisible Achievement) that the stimulus plan is a remarkable achievement - it's just no one can prove it...

  2. I believe it's deliberate. Everyone (including people like Karl Rove) insists that Obama is super intelligent. I've thought for a long time now (and Gibbs confirmed) that Obama doesn't care about being a one-term President...IF he can accomplish what he stated he wanted to do which was to "fundamentally transform" America. Everything he does is anti-American...but pro Islam. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's really going on.

  3. It's very, very, very scary.

    And for those who read history, it's scarier still.

  4. I agree. So far, I think everything he has in mind is right on schedule, comrades.

  5. You see, this is the problem with ideologies, regardless if you were a liberal or a conservative. How can we call ourselves any different than the jihaidists if we can't come to be likeminded in being an American? You people really believe that our own American President has an Islamic agenda? Are you insane? I am a moderate, and have been at a town hall meeting recently about the healthcare issue, as t is extremely important to me, just having my mother pass away from a devastating illness, and to see her insurance run out and nearly bankrupt my parents was more than anyone should have to bear when they are sick. I implore people to realize that this is the most important issue of our times, and I have learned so much over the past year about how the current system works, and it is quite unbelieveable. I can only pray that no one else has to go thru what my family did in order to grasp how much this will affect us all if it continues the way it is now. The President has stated that he knows that what they are proposing is not perfect, nor would any healthcare legislation be, but if some of these provisions would have been in place - my mom could have had a different story.

  6. http://www.ethics-commission.net

    We should learn from church history, as with the Reformation, but without any bloodshed this time.

    When the people decided to reclaim authority over the laws directly, and denounce those who were abusing the law as corrupt, they essentially voided the contract.

    In this case, Constitutional law is authorized by "consent of the governed" and "equal protection" of interests. So without meeting that standard, no laws or contracts are binding.

    Instead of protest by civil disobedience, what is needed is a call to "civil obedience." To turn the tables on government, as Jesus overturned tables on false moneychangers in the temple. Both had sold out the Law for greed.

    Those who refuse to redress grievances or to enforce equal protections, due process, or security, lose the right to claim government authority which exists for the public good. Citizens who resume authority for law and governance, for conflict resolution and restorative justice, essentially become the acting government.


  7. Mel, if this is the most important issue (and it certainly is one of the most important ones we have to face) than our controlling party and our president should have opened the process to participation. It begs the question to say Obama didn't give a bill but rather put it to Congress to come up with one...he gave it to a portion of Congress to construct a proposal. To date, lip service, or less, has been given to conribution by the other side of the aisle, which has hundreds of longterm staff familiar with healthcare who were not incorporated into the staffwork that went into working up the proposals. There has been zero consideration of reforming the tort law lottery that costs huge amounts of money while delivering pennies to truly injured people and costs uninjured health care consumers billions to maintain the lifestyles of the Democratic party owners we call plaintiff's attorneys. ...no considertion for removing barriers to buying and selling health insureance natioanally without expense creating, insurance coverage limiting restrictions imposed by current state restrictions ...likewise no option to allow menus of policy coverage types, thus escaping the tyranny of state open enrollment, no rating, one menu fits all (which leads to HUGE numbers of young and healthy individuals who choose not to buy into plans that assess them for more insurance levels than they care to assume)...and no mention of the phony "you can keep your doctor and your insurance" deceptions of our President....sure, we'll keep our plans...what percentage of Americans even know what an ERISA self funded plan is, and that in five years, an unelected appointed bureaucrat - appointed under an agenda chosen by our documented "single option" goal President - will review all those plans and decide which are acceptable, under criteria which are NOT EVEN published in any of the incumbent party's proposals. Lastly, we are to bemoan, as Tavis Smiey said on this past Sunday's Meet The Press, the use of comparisons to Hitler and other equally inflammotory statements, posters, etc....oh my, have we now got religion, folks? ...where were these appeals to restraint during the last administration, and where was all the journalistic handwringing of main stream media punitcarats then? Trust me, this dog of bastardized misuse of the idea to reform health care won't hunt, and its not because of zealotry..its because a huge masss of thoughtful Americans are generally fearful of an overreaching party and its power grabbing ways and politicians.

  8. Most of you Republican'ts are nuts.

  9. Sometimes being right sucks.

  10. For crying out loud people. Who is funding the anti reform effort, big medical business! Who is funding the effort to reform, people. Who is going to win? All you have to do is get enough ding bats to believe that grandma is going to be murdered by a panel of Democrats and there is the victory for the monied interest. I haven't heard one intelligent option to insuring the uninsured, making sure the insurance companies cover everyone including (this is hard to believe) the sick and seeing that the dollar profit isn't the arbitrator of who lives and who dies, like it is now. Hitler is a good comparison to what is happening today. Hitler sent out his brown shirts to disrupt any meetings that could possibly encourage conversation and compromise, Hitler purposefully destroyed the credibility of the press by spreading distrust among Germans of different views (Liberals and Conservative) and last of all he made partner ships with big business (Krupp and others) to fund him with the intent of his giving back to business when he archived complete power. You do know dictators are good for business as long as he doesn't get greedy.(see rebuilding of Germany post WWI)

  11. Unfortunately Liberals do not realize that they have adopted a racially cleansed version of National Socialism. Instead of dehumanizing the Jews based on racism, Liberals dehumanize all of humanity based on utility or being wanted. That is my objection to Obama Care, it established that there is in fact some life unworthy of life just as the Nazis did.

  12. Nations only succeed if the populous is willing to deal in reality. The Right Wing Conservatives in America stopped dealing rationally with problems when Newt Gingrich seized power. Today the Republican party is full of, and lead by, people who believe that Obama is responsible for a recession that started in 2007 during the Bush administration, that Obama was born in Kenya, that the type of medical care most of the First World countries deliver (socialized medicine) is the end of civilization, etc. For hell sakes people, stop getting your opinions from Rush Limbaugh and let's solve America's problems. Simply throwing a wrench in the works when you don't get your way will destroy this great country. Grab an oar and start paddling.

  13. Well Said Henry. And Shorty, when is your next book burning party? David P ~Pull your head out.

    Mel, you have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your mother. May you one day find peace. Yet, for a moment, I would like you to set aside your feelings and actually study the Bill. Passion always rules reason*. And on an issue as important as this, reason MUST prevail.
    After researching the Bill, I would like you to state one provision under Obamacare that would have made things better for your mother. The painful truth is that she would have been faced with a far more restrictive, hopeless condition and sub-par service than what you faced under the current system. A bureaucrat, not her doctor, would determine if she had enough productive years left to justify the expense of her treatment.
    Don’t think that will happen? It’s happening right now…in Canada! Google it if you like. People flock to America to escape socialist medicine from all over the world. The TRUE miss-information is coming directly from the White House...and that Sicko, Michael Moore. All you have to do is read the Bill...all 1000 pages, to see that is nothing more than instrument of total control by our government...but the Bill's creation and Funding of End of Life Counselor's being trained to talk our elderly into taking the Blue Pill is enough to piss anyone off. I can hear them now ~Sorry Mrs. Public, but you just don't have enough productive years left ahead of you to justify your breast cancer treatment....but you've lead a good life...Don't be a burden...think of how many Social Security Dollars you'd be saving the government if you just went on and died...
    Government imploding the private sector is not the answer and it will not bring your mother back.
    The government can’t even run Cash for Clunkers efficiently when dealing with a couple of million cars. Now you expect them to all of a sudden be able handle an influx of 40million+ people? Hoping that they will get it "right" is a false hope. People will believe almost any lie…because they want to believe it true, or they are afraid it is true*.
    But facts are facts, wither you like it or not. The government can not improve the system by becoming the system. The consumer educating themselves to reading what is actually in the policy is what can save them from financial catastrophe. The Big Business Insurance agencies are in business to make a priofit…and that is OK. A company is formed to make a profit. I personally hate Big Business and it’s soulless nature. But there are not-for-profit, tax-deferred health care programs, when combined with H.S.A.’s provide a solution that protects the customer while providing better coverage. Allowing competition and capitalism to work in the market would drive down health costs. But it is the advent of Medicare and Medicaid that have pushed prices higher and higher.
    Regulation to require insurance companies to cover higher percentages of costs for treatment would cause premiums to increase even more. Deregulation of State Laws, allowing transferability of coverage, and self-owned health care policies would allow the free market to correct the rising prices. A Free Market allows for competition and is directed by the consumer's purchase power. That Power of Choice, that Freedom, creates Prosperity for All, while driving down prices at the same time. And it is that Power of Choice that made this Country great. But now they want to CHANGE all that.
    *Quote: Terry Goodkind

  14. Obama will NOT be a one term president. Whoever believes that does not know history very well. This guy is no Jimmy Carter, he may have you think that he is, but that's because you're dumber than you think. Democrats are also virtually guaranteed power of house and senate AT LEAST until 2012. Please don't substitute what you wish to see happen by what is likely fact, and that is that this administration will succeed as intended. Case closed, Rush Limbaugh is going to fail, not the president.

  15. The fed already runs healthcare. They run the healthcare for the Native Americans on the reservations,research that and you won't let the feds anywhere near your healthcare!

  16. "stimulus plan is a remarkable achievement - it's just no one can prove it..."

    Prove it? Hell, no one can FIND IT.

  17. Samir, Rush Limbaugh fails every time he opens his mouth. He is nothing more than a media clown who gets paid vast sums of money for being a right wing horse's ass. Not even the true right wing of the Republican Party wants to be associated with him. He knows this; he makes his money by inciting the ignorant and pandering to the basest of society. He's laughing all the way to the bank.

  18. The big lie in the first place was that this was a crisis bigger than the one that sparked off the depression. In fact the panic was no worse than the one we had in the early to mid 70s.

    Most nations around the world recovered from a similar crisis in the mid-70s by just letting the market adjust.

    There has been at least 2 more of these fluctuations since then and none of them turned out to be worse than the Great Depression.

    I think that there will be a rise and then a dip again - like a W - because of the unsound policies that have been adopted in your country, in my country and around the world.