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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Health Care Scandal In Britain

The Telegraph newspaper in Britain has details on a new report just released by the Patients Association which reveals one aspect of the health care crisis in Britain:
In the last six years, the Patients Association claims hundreds of thousands have suffered from poor standards of nursing, often with 'neglectful, demeaning, painful and sometimes downright cruel' treatment.

The charity has disclosed a horrifying catalogue of elderly people left in pain, in soiled bed clothes, denied adequate food and drink, and suffering from repeatedly cancelled operations, missed diagnoses and dismissive staff.

The Patients Association said the dossier proves that while the scale of the scandal at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust - where up to 1,200 people died through failings in urgent care - was a one off, there are repeated examples they have uncovered of the same appalling standards throughout the NHS.
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  1. I hopefully yearn for the day when we, too, may point to a success story like this, secure in the knowledge that we have finally achieved the apotheosis of the liberal progressive dream for ourselves.

  2. Yet few in Britain are clamoring for private insurance, just a better NHS. Kind of undercuts your point, doesn't it?

  3. (laugh) That's because they've all had the entitlement mind set milk fed to them from the cradle. It's not because that's what would actually *work*. :-)

  4. Maybe the press supports government run health care because it gives them a huge source of new stories to sell newspapers.