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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Thought We Were Supposed To Be Boycotting California

This whole boycott thing is getting really confusing.

California is boycotting Arizona because of the Arizona immigration law.

But weren't we already supposed to be boycotting California because of Prop. 8?

Or if not the entire State of California, then at least the counties which voted for Prop. 8 and everyone who supported Prop. 8?

And the Mormons and the entire State of Utah , including the Sundance Film Festival.

And Florida, because of farm worker conditions, voter i.d. laws, to Save the Everglades.

If we keep boycotting domestic vacation destinations, pretty soon we'll have to go to Mexico for vacation. [fn.]


Footnote: Connecticut is not a vacation destination, so that boycott is okay.

Update: Cross Mexico off the vacation list, there may be an Australian boycott which we would be obligated to honor under ANZUS.

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  1. And Arizona Iced Tea too.


  2. I love a good boycott and stay away from lettuce and Coors beer but draw the line with French wine.

  3. I still boycott France - I discovered Australian wines are better and cheaper. (So I guess I'm already boycotting CA wineries but I always have.) The Arizona Iced Tea thing is hilarious - it's made here in NY. My grocery store has what appears to be a new and huge Arizona Iced Tea display. Coincidence?

    Believe me, AZ is very happy to be boycotted by CA. And a lot of Americans are probably considering vacationing in AZ now.

  4. Does it truly matter whether or not there is a Cali boycott? Most of their professionals have fled the state and they are essentially bankrupt.

  5. Say, why don't we all boycott one another? After all, there's something objectionable about everyone, isn't there? So no more trade! Let's all go back to subsistence farming, or maybe hunter-gatherer tribes.


  6. Michigan used to be called a vacationland, Mackinac Island and all that. Our economy is so bad if you had a boycott, no one would notice.

  7. You get the Honest Scrap award - for putting up such a scrap against the idiocy, and pointing it out. http://ruralsouthtexaslife.blogspot.com/2010/04/honest-scrap-award.html

  8. Francis, actually most are silly but once in a while they really work. I'm a proud charter member of the boycott against the Dixie Chicks starting the day Maines shot off her mouth (from Europe) against Bush on the eve of the invasion of Iraq. They were basically destroyed by that boycott. Also, occasionally someone like a Target or Walmart bars the Salvation Army from their entrances during the Christmas season. Believe me, a boycott stops that almost overnight.

    Mostly, it's a vanity thing that feels good. But once in a while they really work and effect good things.

  9. What about the boycott of Texas because of Bush? I myself refuse to go there (and it is one state over from where I live) until they apologize to the world for him.

  10. We'll call off the boycott of California's wineries if California promises to silence its whineries.

  11. Boycott everything.

    It's the only way to be sure.

  12. Learn from this folks, boycotts never ever work any more. Look at how big Glenn Beck is and the Libs have boycotted the hell out of him - even getting a lot of his weak-kneed advertisers to leave.

  13. I was at the Sundance Film Festival and I can assure you that neither gays nor Californians were boycotting. And everyone was drinking wine from everywhere. Aside from that it was a pretty politically correct crowd gushing over the politically correct movies. Which they arrived at in their chauffeur-driven-4-wheel-drive suvs from the airport where they left their private jets.

    And Becky, I just assumed everyone WAS boycotting Michigan.

  14. I have been boycotting Mexico for years. It's about time someone joined me.

  15. I have called from my twitter and facebook for a counter tourism boycott of Los Angeles because our reconquista Major Villarigosa has called for a boycott of Arizona. LA is such a 3rd world ghetto craphole that an LA boycott would have little effect upon a trashed-out, gang infested hellhole.

  16. Instead of boycotting what I dislike, I support what I like (okay, I boycotted France for a while there until Sarkozy was elected). So, if I get the chance at all I am going to Arizona and buy as much stuff as I can haul back.

  17. As long as you don't acall a girl-cott, I'm ok. I like girls...a lot.

  18. This is like poker and I don't even play it. In the movies don't they say something like - I'll give you California and raise your Puerto Rico and Rhode Island?

  19. I heard somebody on the radio today saying she's starting a "buycott" of Arizona products. (I can't think of any offhand, but they must make something there.) Or encourage people to vacation there. (It's just that it's so bloddy hot in the summer.)

  20. Aren't we supposed to be boycotting a bunch of southern states over the Confederate flag or something too?

    Man, we might as well stay home and watch TV.

  21. Clearly we need a market for boycott default swaps.

  22. About Conneticut not being a vacation destination... er um.... last year... there was a model train convention at Hartford CT... and that was our holiday destination... or at least part of it... !!!!!!

    It was not that bad....

  23. Geek, Obama-Goldman owns the carbon offset market, which might be the most ludicrous concept in history (it involves Algore so it has to be). I love the idea of a boycott default swaps market; it's just ridiculous enough to be real. Who would own that? ;-)

  24. Boycotts have long been totally out of control. How do you keep track? I am a Life Member of the NRA, but I will go to movies by anti-gun actors and actresses, since 90% of Hollywood is liberal. I refuse to buy Sarah Lee brownies and Kenneth Cole products (both donate to anti-gun groups) but I'm not a nut about observing the NRA's list of anti-gun celebrities or organizaitons. My wife **still** won't buy gas at Exxon since its tanker, the Exxon Valdez, cracked up and polluted Alaska in ... 1987 (30+ yrs ago!). The ship's captain was at fault, not the company, if I'm not mistaken. I'm a Christian, so forgiveness is a major virtue in our faith. I have forgiven Exxon for that gaffe. She has not... GREAT ARTICLE...

  25. I think ya all should be boycotting Canada for the following reasons:

    1. they demanded to see our passports (and that was in 1984-85) and we had to submit to a search.
    This happened on the borders at Detroit/Windsor and again at Niagara Falls, as well as other border points even when we had American relatives in our car.

    2. when using the train not only did they demand to see our passports but demanded that we show proof that we intended to leave again a la our bookings via train to Los Angeles and our tickets home again....

    3. they demanded the same of the Canadian who was traveling home from his job in the USA as well as of the German tourists.

    4. they have been known to dump people off the train out of spite.....(did not witness that one but it really did happen to an elderly couple)

  26. @PegC

    the carbon trade market is designed to make the billionaires even wealthier. Have a look at Pachauri from the IPCC. He has been making millions out of that trading in Europe. It does nothing for the atmosphere. It is a scam.

    @dchandgunifo well I have been boycotting most women's magazines since the death of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. In fact I started the boycott before her death. I detest the way that the magazines are full of these stupid actors and actresses with all of their scandalous behaviour. In the old days (up to the 1970s) we used to get magazines that included lots of craft projects and the like. However the manner in which they pursued Lady Diana was unconscionable. My boycott means that I do not line their pockets by making a magazine purchase where the paperazzi gets paid by the millions for those compromising photographs.