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Monday, April 19, 2010

Clinging Bitterly To Their Doormen

Oh, the world they live in. Surrounded by enemies, they sit in their guarded lairs waiting for "the other" to approach.

And then it happens. The guards are no more, and they must face the menacing horde. Alone with their paranoia and hypocrisy and thousand dollar espresso makers.

As chronicled by the heir to a once powerful liberal publishing empire, bespeaking the importance of the event:

It has been nearly two decades since New Yorkers faced their last doorman strike, but as the deadline for a new contract for building workers approached, the questions being posed throughout the city remained largely unchanged on Sunday.

Who will safeguard my apartment as I sleep? Greet my children when they come home from school? Accept deliveries? Clean the hallways? Sort the mail? Operate the elevator? And who, for goodness sake, will let the cleaning lady in?

There they wait. And worry. Filled with antipathy toward people who aren't like them.

If only they had guns. And religion. And Sarah Palin to protect them.

How long before their paranoid style turns into something so unthinkable?

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  1. ....and the doorman union is the SEIU. I live in one of those buildings, and I wouldn't care; however, one of the SEIU honchos sent me an email urging me to stand behind the strike. How did SEIU get my email address?

  2. Such insensitivity! You don't know how I suffer when I have to go out and get my own Chinese food instead of having it delivered to my door. (Sigh!)

    Kidding aside, have you noticed all the Oklahoma City anniversary coverage, but no Waco anniversary coverage? They both happened 4/19. I wonder why the difference?

  3. Qualifications can't be too extensive. I'm sure there are plenty of people in NY who'd love to have a job. Break the union!

  4. i can't imagine wanting to live in New York, and, from the number of New Yorkers clogging the streets and ruining the quality of life here in Los Angeles, they evidently can't either.

    who cares about all this anyway? open your own damn door and push the elevator button yourself, ya lazy twits.

  5. Excellent! Maybe they can use their otherwise useless New York Times as a striking weapon. We're sending dollars, lots of dollars to the New York Times. Join us. http://www.sosssn.blogspot.com/

  6. Smith and Wesson are never on strike. Your little friend is always by your side to help.

  7. i'm sorry to say that this blog and its readers are no smarter than NYT limo libs or faux populists of NY Daily News. Look: the vast majority of union staff members are NOT white-gloved Park Avenue doormen. They are porters who help the many elderly tenants with their luggage, elevator operators who take the same tenants up many flights, and workers who do sometimes serious repairs. There are a lot of people in modest buildings who will suffer as a result of SEIU's militancy. Now I can see that public, too, is so easy to fall into the trap of Obama-encouraged class warfare. Pathetic and pitiful.

  8. 32bj raise's are nothing to even brag about the last 8 years and rab has been money off of us now they want to take.. How dare they!!!

  9. Consider the amount of garbage generated by a 1,000 person apartment building that must be collected and put out every day. Consider the work of just replacing all the light bulbs in the halls and being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies. Each building can be the equivalent of a small town.

  10. Sabba: describes my building! It has often occurred to me that my building population is larger than a typical village in the Middle Ages.

    Bill, you must not live here. You can certainly get meals delivered if you don't have a doorman; the delivery guy rings the buzzer and you come down and get it. Sheesh.