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Friday, April 2, 2010

Weakness Is The New Strength

Keep moving, nothing to see here:
Now Mr Obama is expected to rule out the development of new weapons systems — despite reservations from the military, which is mindful that Russia and China are modernising and expanding their nuclear forces respectively. He will also drop the notion, espoused by his predecessor, that nuclear warheads can be deployed in certain circumstances; for example, if another country resorts to attacking US forces with chemical or biological weapons.
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  1. You've summed it up! Weakness is the new strength!
    This is what 60 years of Liberalism does to a country: puts people into control who subscribe to the global village nonsense and the idea that if we disarm and lead the way, others will follow. Of course, the desire IS to make us the weaker nation. Does anyone remember (from back in the nineties) Madeleine Albright's incredible statement that nations should be equal, that we shouldn't be the strongest one? Obama comes from that poisonous school of thought as well.
    Want this to stop? Donate time and money to Conservatives to WIN this November. And don't forget to demand total repeal of Obamacare.

  2. Thanks for the information - the MSM in this country will not print this. Weak leadership, epic fail for the USA.

  3. "Peace in Our Time"

    We conservatives will have to clean this up again. Will people never learn?

  4. It is unusual for someone with totalitarian tendencies to not want a strong military. Usually they actually use them to intimidate their own and bluff the rest of the world.

    He does seem to display a tougher stance to citizens and allies than to foreign threats.

  5. And you could go on and on with those kinds of statements.
    Right is the new wrong.
    The truth will bind you.
    Dissent is unpatriotic.

    The world is upside down. Make no mistake, though. We, holding on to reality, will not be shaken loose! THEY are the change they were looking for.

    I have made this pledge each and every place that I frequent and I encourage you to promise the same. I will NOT hunt for any liberal once they have taken this Country back 200 years. They can find their own d*mn food!

  6. I found it interesting that folks are not considering WHY the US does not have a no-first use policy. As I remember from my NBC classes in the 80s, this was because we have a policy not to use chemical weapons. In addition, the policy was also based to offset militaries that were substantially larger than the US. We have to think beyond the 'Russian' threat before we make substantial changes in doctrine.

  7. Okay, the only thing stupider than deciding not to use nukes under those circumstances...

    is telling people you won't use nukes under those circumstances. Seriously, why show your cards? Why not make them wonder if we would retaliate with a nuke? then it becomes less likely that they would actually do any of those things.