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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Their Tea Party and I'll Crash If I Want To

New Year, same plans to crash Tea Parties in order to create a pretext for the non-stop Democratic smear machine which seeks to paint all opposition to Obama's agenda as racist and extremist.

We saw this last April, as I documented in my post When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Tea Party Crashers.

Now it's activist Jason Levin, and even AP is reporting on it:

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic and moronic.

Jason Levin, creator of http://www.crashtheteaparty.org, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events for April 15—tax filing day, when tea party groups across the country are planning to gather and protest high taxes....

"Do I think every member of the tea party is a homophobe, racist or a moron? No, absolutely not," Levin said. "Do I think most of them are homophobes, racists or morons? Absolutely."

Bob Owens at Pajamas Media has more background on the person behind the effort:
When contacted by Pajamas Media, Levin confirmed his involvement in the effort, stating, “Our stated intentions, or ‘manifesto’ as some of the conservative bloggers have called it is absolutely sincere.” He claimed to have operatives in tea party groups in every major city.
What are the doughboys afraid of?

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  1. Seems to me these tactics are self-defeating. By making known one's intentions, the tea parties can prepare for false flag ops. Any signs of the type they are advocating can be blamed on the agitators. Strong denunciations of the agitators cause their beliefs to stick with them and them alone. Advertising their strategy makes it a lose-lose proposition, and the only rationale I can find for publicizing it is vanity.

  2. Insert paranoia into an already frenzied paranoid group.... now it's not even necessary to actually do the infiltration, just announcing that it was planned is more than enough!

    But whatever, as long as it gets you tea-baggers to start making racist bigots and crazies feel unwelcome, I think we're headed in the right direction.

  3. LOL - davemartin7777 attempts to confuse paranoia with being prepared and being aware. Typical statist tactic - using Dave's faulty rationale, locking your doors to prevent thieves from breaking into your home would be "paranoid," especially if you read that the crime rate has increased in your neighborhood.

  4. Excuse me but why the hell isn't this fat loudmouth punk already under arrest for making terrorist threats & inciting riots?? He is clearly guilty of premeditation on both counts even going so far as to announce it to the world yet AFAIK he's not even under investigation for these crimes much less in jail where he belongs!
    The organizers and supporters of these tea parties need to get some legal guns on this and, if necessary, pursue legal action including filing multiple lawsuits against any and all police departments that may be guilty of dereliction of duty here as well as a complicit state DA's office too.
    The fact alone that he and his miserable ilk advertised their intentions across the web is enough to put him under indictment for inciting violence as well as hate speech. It would be nice to see this self-deluded fat-head clown and his douchbag 'operatives' get the thoroughly bloody beat down they so truly deserve if they were actually stupid enough to set foot anywhere near a tea party rally but, then again, the MSM would just blame it all on the tea partiers anyway anyhow they could including lying and faking evidence as they have done so many times before against conservatives. The organizers need to either ask or demand, if need be, a police presence at every one of their rallies so these despicable cowards aren't allowed to create the chaos and bedlam they have clearly admitted that they plan on creating.

  5. "But whatever, as long as it gets you tea-baggers to start making racist bigots and crazies feel unwelcome, I think we're headed in the right direction."

    By making most Democrats and all the left feel unwelcome, the tea partiers have managed to keep most bigots and crazies out. After all, we don't have the desperate need (arising out of a complete inability to respond) to characterize borderline personalities such as yourself and other Democrats with a sexually derisive label. Probably because our vocabulary is large enough to insult the likes of you without resorting to simple-minded insults.

    However, I intend to be at the Seattle, WA teaparty event on April 15. It is located in the middle of the city, so I expect to see counter protesters, union thugs, and phonies with racist signs in abundance. It should be a target-rich environment for my HD 10X zoom video camera.

  6. Definitely taking video camera along to the 4/15 gathering.

  7. Recall that Nancy Pelosi initially insisted that the Tea Party protests were all "astroturf" eruptions.

    She (and like-minded others) were incapable of understanding the genuine concern about both the substance and the process they were employing to pursue the healthcare agenda.

    So the Tea Party movement grew.

    When it took root -- to the dismay of the left -- the tactic changed to attempted ridicule by Democrats and a number of friendly left-wing media personalities, such as CNN's Anderson Cooper, who continuously referred to tea party participants by the thinly disguised sexual put-down, "tea-baggers." (E.g., see davidmartin7777, just above).

    But tea party demonstrations, and opposition at congressional member’s meetings with constituents grew.

    Media Matters adopted a strategy of trying to prove that the Tea Party movement was really a thinly disguised Republican group. They added that it was being openly supported by Fox News, which the Administration declared was not a real news gathering organization.

    But, the opposition kept growing.

    A concerted effort was made to shift what had begun as a more generalized "anyone who opposes Barack Obama is a racist" meme, specifically into a "those involved in the tea party movement are all a bunch of racists" meme.

    By mid-February of 2010, real desperation emerged. Democrat party war horse Bill Clinton became involved in a coordinated anti-Tea Party assault, one to be headed up by Mr. Nasty himself, James Carville. They reportedly were going to employ opposition research to attack the top leadership and, if possible, to turn one or more Tea Party insiders into a mole for the Democrats!

    Was that a sign they were they afraid that the opposition was not only becoming an "existential" one for their agenda, but also one for their party?

    A few really desperate lefties even tried to imitate the Tea Party movement by starting the risible "Coffee Party." That copy-cat tactic began to actually make the Democrats look desperate and pathetic.

    Apparently feeling very desperate just before the final healthcare votes, a few members of the Congressional Black Caucus shamefully lied to the public by alleging, without a shred of proof, then or now, that they had been subjected to repeated racist taunts whilst walking among Tea Party and other protesters into the Capitol building for those final votes!

    And now we have Steny Hoyer publicly admitting that the Tea Party movement is a big problem for Democrats trying to decide whether they want to run again in the fall Congressional races.

    So, is it really surprising that there is now emerging an openly hostile anti-Tea Party clique within the "progressive" movement that brazenly says it will infiltrate the Tea Party demonstrations and will hold up bogus signs, all in an effort to publicly paint the movement as "racist, homophobic and moronic?"

    Fom the start, Democrats and their media acolytes have completely misread the opposition to the President’s and the Congressional leaderships’ healthcare agenda . . . on the substance, on the sheer scope, and on the procedural manner in which they pursued it. The deed having been done, they are now embroiled in a desperate effort to somehow regain the political initiative.

    Henry Davis Thoreau once wrote: "It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things."

    Obviously no one in the Democrat Party these days is paying much attention to good advice like that!

  8. Just bring a two-sided sign with "Tea Party Crasher" and an arrow pointing left or right on one side. The idea is to get into any picture the MSM might take of these goons. Just surround them and squeeze them in.

    I guarantee that if it comes to blows, they will start it and they are certain to be greatly outnumbered.

  9. Nancy Pelosi and the others know exactly who and what the tea party is. They are afraid of what it might become as Pelosi and company ratchet up the pressure on the public through taxes, laws and regulations.

    The left that is running this nation came from the violent, rioting, sit-in sixties. They won their war (contrary to what Beck believes) by doing exactly what they fear the TP's will do when finally fed up. Civil disobedience is not only habit forming it is contagious.


    The quicker we understand this, the better for us. What you are seeing is a distract and delay operation to keep you off balance. And it's working every time you worry about how you are going to be perceived. Who cares if you win? Which is exactly how the left won last time.

  10. Nothing alarms the left so much as actual grass roots organizing.

  11. And now, NowHampshire here, (ht JammieWearingFool here, has the New Hampshire Democrat party getting directly involved in this garbage!

    These idiots are obsessed with the notion that the Tea Party is an actual existential threat to their political party!

    Wait a second . . . who am I to argue with them?


  12. So did the Tea Party crashers take their playbook from Goebbels? If I remember my history correctly the Nazis (apart from their insipid Jew hatred)blamed the burning of the Reichstag on the communists. And we are all well aware of the Soviet lie about Katyn. It's sad that the left has decided that they have to create a BIG LIE to get their point across.It just shows how bankrupt their policies really are.