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Thursday, April 8, 2010

How's That Russia Negotiation Going?

Item No. 1. Obama hailed the new spirit of cooperation between the United States and Russia on a host of international issues, including Iran, through the signing of a nuclear arms reduction treaty:
"This ceremony is a testament to the truth that old adversaries can forge new partnerships," Obama declared. "It is just one step on a longer journey."
Item No. 2. No sooner had the treaty been signed, then the Russians promptly stated it would be null and void if the U.S. developed a missile shield to protect the U.S. and our allies against Iranian missiles:
... even as the agreement was sealed, Russia gave warning that an expansion of America's planned missile shield would derail the deal, which is the result of months of tense discussions
Item No. 3. No sooner had the treaty been signed, then the Russians stated that the signing of the treaty did not mean cooperation in strong sanctions on Iran:
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told President Obama privately on Thursday that there remain limits to his country's support for sanctions on Iran, even as the move for united action to restrain Iran's nuclear ambition accelerates.
Item No. 4. As the treaty was being signed, a Russian-engineered rebellion in Kyrgyzstan resulted in a pro-Russian provisional government whose first priority is shutting down a U.S. base vital to resupply of our troops in Afghanistan:

Kyrgyzstan's self-proclaimed new leadership said on Thursday that Russia had helped to oust President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, and that they aimed to close a U.S. airbase that has irritated Moscow.

Their comments set Wednesday's overthrow of Bakiyev, who fled the capital Bishkek as crowds stormed government buildings, firmly in the context of superpower rivalry in central Asia.

No sooner had presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev signed an arms reduction pact in Prague as part of an effort to "reset" strained relations than a senior official in Medvedev's delegation urged Kyrgyzstan's new rulers to shut the base.

Oh, by the way, How's That Iran Negotiation Going?

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  1. Obama is just a complete and total embarrassment. Maybe the republicans can filibuster this disaster until we can get an intelligent majority in Congress.(OK, at least a majority that will not rubber stamp everything this looser of a Presdient wants.) Someone has to keep us safe and protect this country's future.

  2. Now The One realizes the depth of the pool into which he was thrust. Or maybe he doesn't. An intelligent person should now come to understand the rock and the hard place that Bush 43 was in when it came to the ME and central Asia. That he was forced to choose between bad and worse, not good and bad.

    The Russians are no fools and have only their interests at heart. Germany, the only western European power with any clout is far too dependent on Russian fuel resources to rock the boat, so that leaves an ever-weakening Britain and...France, who wants to be courted, but rarely provides anything of substance.

    Obama has clearly taken us from a position of strength, to a position of weakness. Europe has gone from a position of weakness to a position of impotence. And the crocodile stirs again.

  3. Take your pick.
    1-He's a fool.
    2-He's a coward
    3-He is intentionally betraying our nation.
    4-He is a threat to world peace.
    5-All of the above.

  4. How is it going?

    Fine for Obama- he's a communist

    Sucks for us.

  5. And let's not forget about Russia's arms-for-oil deal with Chavez that's in the works. Five billion in weapons, according to London's Daily Telegraph. That sounds great.

    Isn't Obama doing really well at this President thing? I can't wait to see what he's got planned for his next two-and-a-half years in office.

  6. Herb:

    5-All of the above.

    Dangerous fool. And he is the POTUS.

  7. "This ceremony is a testament to the truth that old adversaries can forge new partnerships"...

    ...and our closest allies can expect to be snubbed. Georgia president Mikheil Saakashvili is the latest to get the "talk to the hand" treatment from our POTUS after being excluded from today's nuclear summit. The WaPo notes, "His exclusion must have prompted broad smiles in Moscow, where Saakashvili is considered public enemy no. 1 -- a leader whom Russia tried to topple by force in the summer of 2008."