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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Upside Of Salt Regulation - Job Creation

On March 11, I reported on a proposal by a New York State Democratic legislator to ban salt in restaurants, Leave Our Salt Alone.

One political scientist, who also totally missed the Scott Brown election call, vehemently objected that the claim the government would regulate salt was a totally wingnut conspiracy theory:
But don’t kid yourself: the fact that one assemblyman proposed an idiotic law that has as much chance of passing as Rush Limbaugh has of being the Green Party’s candidate for president in 2012 means that the federal government is about to ban salt. It’s a very slippery slope!,
Uh, we have slipped and sloped:
The Food and Drug Administration is planning an unprecedented effort to gradually reduce the salt consumed each day by Americans, saying that less sodium in everything from soup to nuts would prevent thousands of deaths from hypertension and heart disease. The initiative, to be launched this year, would eventually lead to the first legal limits on the amount of salt allowed in food products.
Just how will this help?

Will the law also prohibit people from adding salt to their under-salted processed foods? Can the salt police be far behind?

Would that be too much of a slippery slope too?

Of course, by hiring salt police we also would create jobs! Finally, the Obama administration has a jobs plan.

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  1. The first thing that came to my mind was grabbing the salt shaker to add salt. Unless they make you sign for salt at the pharmacy like they do Sudafed.

  2. More salt police, fewer salt miners.

  3. Will the government also regulate and/or eliminate salt licks for cattle? After all wouldn't it be animal cruelty to have these creatures hyping up on salt to the detriment of their cardiac and vascular systems.

  4. They just don't get it. We are unique individuals. We're not one size fits all. My mother has extremely low blood pressure, but does not require medication because she eats so much salt. She always has. In fact I did an essay in high school based on Swift's Modest Proposal about heavy salt eaters just to nag my mother. Her current doctor said he would tell her to cut back on her salt intake if she didn't have such low blood pressure.

    Just leave us alone to suffer the consequences of our actions!!

  5. More idiocy from the Obama and the FDA.

    Salt is a basic cooking skilll taught to all chiefs. It fundamentally brings out the flavor in many, many foods like nothing else. Second, the body naturally regulates your salt intake to begin with. Third, there is little evidence that low-sodium diets reduce hypertension and/or heart disease, in fact it's quite the opposite. Fourth, salt is a vital and natural ingredient for human health, it helps absorb necessary minerals and vitamins among other things. Lastly, even if salt was bad for you what (bleeping) business is it of the government, anyway? Obama is nothing more than a tin-plated tyrant who wants to force his "values" and lifestyle on everyone else. What a (bleeping) budinsky.

  6. Self-parody...the dilemma liberals pose for conservative humorists. How can we parody liberals when they parody themselves so well??

  7. once again, the Obama regime is asalting freedom!

  8. As a cardiologist, over the last 40 years I have never, ever told someone to restrict their salt unless they had renal failure. I might tell them to be easy with their salt shaker if they have heart failure. Their is not a single study to show adverse problems from the use of salt or for that matter, cholesterol and fats. In fact, the opposite is true.

  9. Getting rid of Obama, and putting an end to his unbridled spending spree, will do more for America's blood pressure than banning salt altogether.

  10. Might be time to drum up some business for the Postal Service. If we buy some of their $10 boxes and fill them with rock salt we can send them to the FDA so they can save us from it. My guess is hilarity would ensue as they had to get security to inspect each and every one for 'hazardous materials'--which of course it would be, by their definition ;)

  11. People, let's cut through the crap here. There is NO WAY this is being done for our health. It's being done as an indirect power grab for something. Just like MEchelle Obama's sudden interest in 'healthy food' (get govt. control of food processing and distribution and govt. regulation of cafeteria under the watchful eye of SEIU). So what is it? What are they really up to?

  12. All for our health, because we are too stupid to understand that salt might be baaaaaad!

    Obamacare hasn't officially kicked in completely, and the FDA starts a federal control of salt. Reminds me of the ban in NYC of trans-fats.

    As a friend said to me (who left NY for this reason), "It's an frickin' police state!"

    And so it grows.........the Obama "change we can believe in" nanny-state. Let's "hope" he and his cronies/thugs are thwarted at every turn!!! November can NOT get here fast enough!!

  13. Good post. I read the link to the Scott Brown comment. Good post. Except your comments about polisci being gut major. I am a polisci and math major, and I study at a major state university (first tier), and I can tell you, my polisci courses are as much work and thinking as the math. Indeed, this semester, the non-classical logics is maybe 1/3 the work of my political theory course.

    Sorry if I seem a little defensive. My family has a bunch of polisci degreed people, and talking to most of them(with me as the possible exception), you certainly don't get a gut degree vibe.

  14. the nannystatist goodness just flows from the WaPo article: Policymakers will have to decide whether to exempt inherently salty foods, such as pickles, while mandating changes in other products to reduce the overall sodium levels in the food supply.

    How fun, some faceless bureacrat is going to decide whether or not I get to eat another Kosher dill, or a handful of Smokehouse almonds.

    And bacon? The new crack.